Doom Eternal Has Its Own Bone Vodka

get drunk and play doom i guessImage: Rebel Distillers

Liquor and stomping demons go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense that Doom Eternal would be accompanied by one of the hardest liquors.

It's called Bone Vodka, and according to The Spirits Business it will be the first European spirit designed exclusively for a AAA game.

Produced by Rebel Distillers, the vodka is made from a wheat spirit before being mixed with bone marrow that's been marinating in a neutral grain, before being transferred to a vacuum still. The bones are supplied by The Ginger Pig butcher chain from the UK, and having all that marrow should make for a fairly earthy taste with a bit of smoke.

The spirit is only available to those in Europe, the UK and Australia, and you can pre-order one of the bottles for 45 euro here. (After paying the 25 euros for shipping, it'll cost you about $112 at current exchange rates.)

It's not a bad tie-in, but there's only one question. Bethesda has a local office. Australia has lots of local distillers and breweries. Surely the two could meet somehow. The DOOM bone vodka will begin shipping in limited quantities at the end of the month, ahead of DOOM Eternal's release worldwide on November 22 across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    Well if its anything like their last attempt the bottle will be cheap plastic and the contents inside will be cheap as well.

      Well, I'll let you all know what it's like when it arrives *gulp*

        Will Kotaku allow you to be drunk at work as long as it's for Reviewing purposes Wink wink

          I doubt any office would let you just openly get shitfaced, but there's no qualms in having a nip on a Friday afternoon especially if I'm writing about it.

      "Due to unavailability of ingredients, we had to switch to a chicken bone beer in a can".

        And due to further unavailability of materials, instead of a can it is now a cheap plastic bottle.


          Due to lack of chickens, the plastic bottle is now filled with Todd Howard's bath water.

    Please stop Bethesda, just go back to making really good games and leave this nonsense out of it.

      Bethesda developers have nothing to do with something like this. Developers and marketing arms of different branches are completely different sets of staff. If you've got an issue with the game, the people who work on internal PR to come up with tie-ins like this have nothing to do with that.

        Presumably somebody from Bethesda authorised this odd tie-in, I think I can criticise the company as a whole and remind them that people will like them for the games they produce, not silly 'collectors' items like this.

        I haven't got an issue with the game, I haven't played it, but Fallout 76 should have been a warning that pushing nonsense like this isn't worth the effort.

    vodka - hard liquor?

      Well hard if your favorite drinks are Woodstock or cruisers.

        Depends on how close the vodka is to Russian Standard level, but I guess I'll find out #_#

    I’m really tempted to order one. I’ve never heard of bones being used in vodka. I wonder if it’ll be any good.

    Or I could buy two bottles of Russian Standard at my local and have change left over.

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