eBay Is Selling The Switch Lite For $229 Today

eBay Is Selling The Switch Lite For $229 Today
Image: Nintendo

$289 wasn’t a bad deal for the Switch Lite, but it’s not as good as $229.

eBay announced this morning that, for today only, they’d be selling all three versions of the Switch Lite for $229.

Two conditions here: firstly, you’ll need to be an eBay Plus member, although you can get the deal by using the free 30-day trial. The second condition is that new listings will appear every hour from 12pm until 5pm on the eBay Deals page here.

If you do buy a console, it’ll be shipped from Friday, so you won’t get it until next week. But if you can grab one, the saving is pretty solid. I’ve reached out to eBay for confirmation on the amounts and what stores are supporting the promotion, and I’ll update this post with exact store links and amounts when those become available. Until then, make sure you set aside some time today for 12pm.

Update: All future drops will be via these links at The Gamesmen’s store:

Switch Lite Grey
Switch Lite Turqouise
Switch Lite Yellow

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    • Oh yup, that’s the sweet spot!

      I never thought the RRP was going to be the actual price for the lite, but it’s good to see it hitting this point so soon. If they can wiggle it down to $199 in the next year it’s going to hit that DS/3DS mark of ubiquitous affordability.

    • Yep, it makes total sense at this price point. The unit + one game at under $300 is palatable for a parent buying a b’day present for their kid (don’t get me wrong, that’s still a lot of $’s), but the $329 + game is asking too much.

  • This is the price range I was looking for… and I actually managed to buy a Turquoise one.
    Thanks for the heads up Alex

    • As mentioned by Ross_co, the normal switch awaits you friend!

      The lowered price point is so you don’t get the dock. Otherwise Nintendo would be literally killing the original Switch if it had the dock mode. And that would just be silly.

      • i have a regular switch. have since day 1. rarely use it portable. but i cant fathom how this would not be dockable, or have any sort of tv out. its not even a switch anymore.

        • Because it’s meant more for kids playing in the back seat or in their room. If you want it to be dockable just buy a normal switch. As I mentioned before, if they made this dockable, it would literally kill off the original Switch. Nintendo are aiming for a different market here for this version not one to compete with their main model.

          The fact I was able to get two for 229.00 AUD already means it will be 199.00 AUD soon enough and if you had the choice between getting the 350.00 – 400.00 original switch vs a 199.00 – 229.00 switch that both could dock… they might as well stop making the original console.

          This version exists purely for people that want a more portable version or for younger kids. My only gripe over this between the original Switch is I wish the original one had a bit more colour or a re-design happening.

  • This is the price point that the switch lite should be at. However, given its using the same joysticks as the normal switch I won’t buy it. Until Nintendo actually fixes drift with a hardware revision I won’t be buying a switch.

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