A Neat Trick For Overwatch’s Ana

A Neat Trick For Overwatch’s Ana
Image: Blizzard

Ask anyone from the fighting game community: if you can learn how to cancel an animation, do so, and you will be all the better for it. So it’s nice to know that the grandmother of the Overwatch group has some sneaky cancel tricks of her own.

The trick comes courtesy of YouTuber Hexicity, who discovered that you can speed up Ana’s scoping animation with a melee attack right before. Scoping with Ana is the only way to guarantee complete accuracy, especially if you’re dealing with a pesky Pharah, Soldier or McCree at distance, but a quick fist will let you get those shots out way faster.

It’s the perfect kind of shortcut that all games have, but for one reason or another they stay hidden for years, or most players simply carry on not knowing about them. And with role queuing properly in the game, there’s plenty of support players who could benefit from a few faster shots. Snipe away, friends.

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