Pokemon Go Becomes Part Of ‘Vegan Terrorism’ Bill Discussion

Pokemon Go Becomes Part Of ‘Vegan Terrorism’ Bill Discussion
Image: Kotaku

The quota for “weird shit involving video games and federal Parliament” is a bit down for the year, but don’t worry, because the Senate has stepped up with a random aside about Pikachu, Charizard and Jigglypuff.

Niantic’s money-printing simulator was brought up in the upper house chamber this afternoon as part of a debate on new agricultural protection legislation, which has since been dubbed the “vegan terrorist” bill because that’s the standard of discourse these days.

After a bit of back and forth between the two major parties, who ended up supporting it all in the end, we got this bizarre exchange from Greens Senator Nick McKim who asked whether the legislation would result in the Pokemon Go creators Niantic, and developers of other AR-based location games being more vulnerable for the acts of their users.

The Guardian clipped the exchange, which went absolutely nowhere except to introduce Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Charizard into the Federal Hansard.

A+ everyone. Great day’s work.


  • Vegans trespassing onto private property, to intimidate, steal, destroy, vandalise and sometimes cause violence as a means to push their own political agendas fit the bill of “terrorism”… So yes, vegan terrorist is an acceptable term.

    Or are we going to change the definition of terrorism now also?

  • Where to start;

    First, fuck the pricks breaking into farms and sending death threats. How dare you make me side with the Liberal party.

    Second, damn the Liberal party are stupid. These travel games haven’t been an issue until now and its only getting attention because these hopeless pricks couldn’t get infront of the ball earlier when people believed these incidents would occur.

    • One in Europe trespassed on a farm to steal 12 bunnies but ended up killing more than 100 in the process.

      Id say militant vegans are pretty dangerous to animals.

    • Current trespass law in Victoria:

      Entering a place without authority is commonly referred to as trespass. The maximum penalty for such an offence is a fine of 25 penalty units or imprisonment for six months. While prison sentences are sometimes handed down for these offences, it is common to receive a sentence that is a fine or another non-custodial penalty.

      It’s a slap on the wrist. These people aren’t “harmless”, they destroy property, they steal, the intimidate and they try to invite others to do the same.

      More often than not, they end up killing more than they save, because of their own stupidity. One group managed to kill hundreds of chickens because when they destroyed the protective shudders, the sound made from the impact killed them.

      Another group that broke into a pig farm chased hundreds of miscarriages, and the piglets that escaped ended up dying.

      These people are idiots of the highest order, and terrorists to boot.

        • I like how you immediately downvote, then ask for sources… Here’s a couple of ideas for you.

          Head out about 50kms from your local capital city and speak to some farmers there and ask around.

          Hell, even Google can help you out there.

          The two I mentioned were in the very first link I clicked when I googled “vegan terrorist bill”.

          I know you well enough to know that any source I provide, you will immediately shut down as incorrect or wrong anyway. So there’s no point.

          • You don’t know me. You know a name on a screen. You give decent sources I’ll read them. But those just sound like typical “A dude I know told me that…” and thus aren’t worth anything.

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