Shenmue 3 Has Tons Of Great Time Wasters

Shenmue 3 wouldn’t be Shenmue without a ton of random mini-games and things to do, and fortunately the Shenmue 3 demo delivers.

If you’re one of the few people who backed a high enough tier on Kickstarter, then chances are you’ll have gotten a key recently to play a trial version of Shenmue 3. Some of the lucky folk that have gotten their hands on the demo have been streaming their progress.

There’s a lot of random games you can play in Bailu Village, the area where the demo takes place. Some of the activities include pachinko machines:

Rolling dice:

Chopping wood, which you can earn a ton of money from if you’re good:

A roulette-type game where you bet on flower, bird, wind or moon:

And obviously, as shown above, turtle racing. The kung-fu combat is obviously a massive part of the game as well, and there’s plenty of training drills and sparring partners you can find around.

As you train, you’ll level up your techniques. You can then face a monk that’s around your level and, if you win the battle, you’ll gain ranks.

If you didn’t back the trial tier of the Kickstarter, you can get a pretty good taste of what Bailu Village has to offer via the YouTube stream below. For those who are getting keys, you’ll redeem them through the Epic Game Store. It’s about a 20GB download.

The full version of Shenmue 3 launches on November 19 for PS4 and PC (through the Epic Game Store).

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