Community Review: World of Warcraft Classic

community review world of warcraft classic

One of the first things I noticed when I finally rejoined Azeroth was a quip in global chat about how the world felt so much bigger.

I was in the middle of slapping some trash mobs, having re-rolled to join some friends on the Horde side of the fence. Was it the lack of fast travel options, I wondered.

According to this random stranger, who I've never seen and undoubtedly never will, it was just the extra distance. Everything takes a lot longer in WoW Classic. They didn't describe levelling as a chore, but it was certainly a journey.

WoW Classic Brings The Community Back To World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic is teeming with life. Traders shout out their wares, offering much-needed magical items and equipment at reasonable prices. Adventurers form parties for protection against dangerous low-level foes. Earlier today a stranger came up to my mage and asked if I could conjure him water.

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That's kind of what I liked about World of Warcraft in the first place, the sense of travelling through a world so much larger than yourself. Other MMOs have that experience as well, but a lot of those systems were designed and built post-WoW. Classic brings all of that back, and with it, part of the magic too.

Maybe that's a conversation we'll have a lot more of in a post-Classic world. Everyone is increasingly time poor, particularly as uni/multiple jobs/families ask more of our time. Developers naturally have come up with lots of ways to shave time off what was increasingly thought of as "busy work".

But what if part of that process is also a core part of its charm? What parts of a game are a grind, and what parts are actually essential for difference audiences within a game? It's a question I'll be asking over the next few weeks as I work my lowly Undead Warlock up the levels.

Tell us: what's your WoW Classic experience been like so far?


    I was always a super casual WOW player and played off and on up until just after Cataclysm came out before stopping completely so a lot of my time was spent in the Vanilla areas before I managed to break the 60 barrier.

    So far the experience has been pretty much what I expected, and remember. The off topic chats in general, the LFGs, people asking for mats, people asking for quest advice, etc. have brought back fond memories of how things used to be in the beginning too. I made a Night Elf character and the first thing I did was make the Lvl 1 journey from Darnassus to Stormwind and surprisingly I remembered the way. Murlocs are still a pain in the butt and those Kobolds still don't want me taking their candle.

    I'm a little older and wiser but playing Classic so far has been like a fun trip to the past, surprisingly with less "Oh yeah, I forgot about this..." moments than I thought.

    It turns out that I did want what Blizzard said I didn't want.

    Loving it.

    The most frustrating thing about Classic's release is all the new games I'll no longer be experiencing.

    experience is great!
    raided heavily in wotlk but after that xpac started to loose interest and reached the age of 18 so other things took up my time.
    ive been fortunate to have a sibling and other old friends return to the game from times past, which along with the need for community interaction is great.
    originally i said i would give it a go, and it is an older clunkier play style, but im having lots of fun in a game that feels how an rpg should. big and difficult, but rewarding

    I'm loving it.

    What it's highlighted to me is in the pursuit of adding convenience (or removing inconvenience), WoW has over time gone from an MMORPG as it was in classic, to a single player game with dungeons and raids (and shit house story telling).

    I love that I'm not getting called champion, and that I know getting to end game isn't a sprint to do real content. It forces me to slow down and enjoy the journey and help others as well.

    Classic WoW is an MMO. It's a lot of fun, and interactions with other players make it memorable. It's inconveniences make it work, and it's difficulty come from things being a hassle, not because they are mechanically difficult.

    Retail WoW on the other hand has turned into a singleplayer game with a bland story, attached to a Skinner box and dungeon/raiding features.
    If you aren't actively raiding in retail, I don't know why you'd play it over classic.

      Mythic+, it's the new end-game for a lot of people. I have a couple groups of friends who do it multiple times a week. Challenging and much more manageable since you only need 5 or 6 regulars to do it rather than 20+ for Mythic raiding.

      As for WoW Classic. I always felt like the original zones were bigger because they are. I don't know what the virtual square meterage is but it's gotta be more than any of the xpacs. I feel like the xpacs artificially made zones feel bigger by putting obstacles in. Once you got flight people realised those zones were much smaller.

        That's true. But I guess that just goes to highlight that the no longer an MMO.

        It's instances content.

        I hope Blizzard can take some lessons from Classic WoW and reevaluate parts of retail.

          Pretty much... I remember complaining as early as WotLK, that the game was starting to feel more like a set of disjointed mini-games inside a glorified chatroom.

            In a way it is, they're trying to introduce different mini-games to appeal to different audiences - pet battles being the most noticeable one to me. It's good that there is a ton of different stuff being offered to different people, but weirdly at the same time it's off-putting because it's just not possible to do everything.

    WoW's back to its prime imo. Loving it. No idea how long everyone is going to stick around but i hope they do.

    General reception seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

    I miss a lot of the QoL improvements of modern WoW, but Classic is hitting all the right nostalgia buttons for now. Can't say its something I'll be getting back into too deeply, but it will fill the time til Greedfall / Outer Worlds / Cyberpunk 2077 hit the shelves.

    well I said in the article, I couldn't get into it. casters being too slow and punishing in the early levels as well as limited free time. I'm still playing it though, on and off, plus I've had some good suggestions from dagobbo and xenoun in the other thread.

    overall I'm glad people are enjoying it though, I've seen a lot of old guild members, former workmates and friends return. will they stick around? who knows but at least for now it's like getting the band back together again even if we're separated by literal oceans

    I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. This is the WoW I bought back in 2005. The WoW I logged a dangerous amount of hours in... The WoW that (in my eyes) started dying a slow death the moment TBC was released.

    Don't get me wrong... I liked WoW enough to keep playing through TBC and WotLK, but it was mostly my friends & guild that kept me playing those.

    Whether I stick around in Classic for long remains to be seen though. My main concern is that I'll actually get into it too much... I used to regularly ignore my responsibilities in favour of playing WoW instead. That's something I really don't want to go back to doing, so if I feel like its happening again I'll be cancelling my subscription for my own good.

    I have really been enjoying it, its nice doing a dungeon with some people you have just met and having them ask if they can add you to friends at the end of it. Lots of little interactions like that which just dont happen in the modern game.

    People will realise that once they hit max level in classic that classic WoW feels a lot more like current WoW. Replace current WoW artifact and m+ grinds with trade skill grinds and resistance gear grinds.

    Expect the same snobbery to come about where people make judgements based on io rating or raid progression status in live with some other form of social reputation in classic.

    Expect the world to feel smaller as you get your mounts.

    I first started playing WoW in WotLK. Im what you would call a casual player. I play a lot but i was never into serious raiding or PvP.

    For someone who is both a casual and never played vanilla ive loved it. Its the first time I've ever enjoyed levelling in WoW. In retail its just an obstacle to the main content. Whereas in Vanilla it is the main content.

    I'm currently levelling a Human mage on the oceanic PvE realm and im loving it. Every level you get something and not just a flashy animation. Quests aren't some mindless grind. You have to actually be careful or you will die (I feel sorry for warriors)

    For the first time in ages, I've actually wanted to group up while questing. In retail wow getting a group invite while questing is an inconvenience. In vanilla its a must for some quests. Especially with the number of people levelling right now.

    Im loving the experience so far and i hope blizzard learns from it and transfers it into the next wow Expansion for retail. IM also hoping for BC servers.

    Have said some of this on the other article but I'm really enjoying the pace of classic vs retail. My WoW journey started in vanilla, I hit 60 about 2 days before BC came out, played through that and WoTLK, quit early on in Cata, came back for Legion and played solidly until about 2 months into BFA when I quit again (horrible expansion).

    The difference in my own playstyle is huge in classic vs retail. I just don't feel pressured to hit max and start gearing to raid. I have time to smell the flowers, and even pick them to sell on the AH. I've made several long distance runs to do an objective for a single quest and not once did I feel impatient or that it was boring. In retail it would be the complete opposite, just wanting to keep pushing and get through the fluff as fast as possible. The lack of pressure is really helping me to enjoy the game more.

    My 7yr old son has also started playing. He made a hunter on my account in retail a few years back and when he saw me playing classic he wanted to make a new character too. So he has his own account now, we're leveling a couple druids together and he's also got a warlock going for when I can't play with him. Its great seeing how much he's enjoying WoW, even though he's much younger than I was it brings me back to when I first played vanilla.

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