Come See Us At PAX Australia!

We've all been waiting for it, and now it's finally upon us — it's PAX week, and the Kotaku Australia team will be on the ground and strutting our stuff over the entire weekend! We'd love to see you there.

Leah, Alex and Steph will all be at the show speaking on a range of panels, covering all the hottest topics like which video game cryptids are the hottest and asking just how plausible robot bees are. Here's where you can catch us throughout PAX.


For the Horde! — 10:30am-12pm, Wombat Theatre

Join Steph, PandaTV and others as they undergo a gruelling dungeon run in World of Warcraft.

PandaTV and 3 friends will run through World of Warcraft dungeons live and on stage. But they’ll do it IN CHARACTER. And your donations to charity will drive their choices. AND THEN we’ll cut it into a low-budget movie.

It’ll be classic.

Too Much Isn't Enough: Reviewing the Tech of Black Mirror — 1:30pm-2:30pm, Kookaburra Theatre

Join Alex, Rae Johnston of Junkee and Fergus Halliday of PC World for an exploration into Black Mirror's darkest tech.

Robot bees, computer generated retirement homes and murderous robot dogs. Charlie Brooker’s twisted Black Mirror has no shortage of tech gone wild. The science fiction anthology series has even invented a few video games over the course of its five season run. Join us as we rank and review our favorite gadget and games featured in the series and weigh in on whether or not we’d ignore the obvious red flags and buy them anyway.

Hell Kitchen LIVE — 2pm-3pm, Wombat Theatre

Watch as Steph attempts to use her limited cooking skills to cook up a dish most spicy.

Is there such a thing as TOO spicy? The GenerOZity team do not think so. Join them, along with some familiar faces, as they embark upon the most hellish challenge there is: cooking spicy food in front of a live audience. The aim is to make food so inedibly hot that the panel of judges wish they were being eviscerated by the DOOM Slayer himself in hell. Winner takes all (including a very spicy DOOM themed trophy). Loser has to eat the leftovers.

Which Video Game Cryptid Would Make The Best Lover? — 9pm-10pm, Galah Theatre

Join Leah, Steph, Nicole Archer of CNET and Dan Crowd (man, formerly of IGN) as they break down the tenderest lovers in the cryptid world, and pick their favourites.

Video games are filled with a variety of strong and independent cryptids, from Bigfoot to Mothman and even the Jersey Devil. We’re here to ask the age old question - which cryptid would make the best lover? Does Bigfoot REALLY like big feet? And just what does the Goatman use those horns for? All your sexy cryptid questions will be answered in this panel from young upstarts Leah, Nicole and Steph - as well as their resident male friend, Dan Crowd.

"Pet", Marry, Kill: Pokémon Edition — 11am-12pm, GameSpot Theatre

Join Leah, as well as Daniel Van Boom, Nicole Archer and Jackson Ryan from CNET, as well as Dan Crowd, for a talk that'll put the "freak" in Game Freak. This panel will be livestreamed, and we'll update with the link to view it as soon as we have it.

There’s one thing we can all agree on—there are too many damn Pokémon. You know it, we know it, Nintendo and Game Freak know it. So what better way to spend an hour of PAX killing off a good chunk of the 800+ strong Pokédex and making sure we celebrate our favourites in our own, uh, special way?

Speedrun Everything — 3:30pm-4:30pm, Wombat Theatre

Steph will be hosting this unique take on speedrunning, which seems like it'll be a hectic, fun time.

Lights, Camera, Speedrun! What’s the action packed panel at PAX going to be this year? I’ll give you a hint but you need to figure it out fast.

Teams of Australian cosplayers, musicians, and artists will be competing to create the best example of their work that they can… using only the tools and materials given to them within a very strict time window!

The panellists will be judged on creativity, mouthfeel, and resourcefulness by the audience.

If you see us on the show floor at PAX, feel free to say hey! We're all pals here, and it's always lovely to see the power that video games has to bring us all together.

We'll see you on the show floor.


    Carly Rae is going to be there? (Going from the header image)

      Carly SLAY will be there

        The Three Houses Battle Royale for best Waifu / Husbando sounds like it'd be a fun panel. Tho it might be more fun to have it as a LARP-type Murder Mystery event through the convention.

        That was the heart eyes emoji.

        Last edited 07/10/19 1:06 pm

      Doh! I thought that was Evangeline Lilly!...

      I would watch Carly Ray read the dictionary. She’s super awesome!!!!

    I will be in the indie section or at the board games.

      that sounds just like my itinerary! :p

        Great minds think alike

          Yes... 'great minds'


            I'm not sure if you're insulting me, yourself or both =P

              I always say I'm more self-deprecating than proprietary HTML tags :p

              (then mum tells me to stop because as an independent 30-something I shouldn't be acting like a neurotic introvert with self esteem issues who uses humour as an inappropriate coping mechanism)

                Join the club! Although instead of my mum, it's my psychologist saying that >_>

                  Does your psychologist also give you counterproductive dating advice? >.<
                  (that was actually my old psychologist, not my mum in this case)

                  (This is more of a response to Danny but it seems the response limit has been met)

                  Counterproductive dating advice seems better than mine. In my final session with her, she spent the majority of the time telling me about how evil Hillary was, shortly before the US election.

                  When you feel worse after a session than before, you know it’s time for a change.

                  @akeashar wtaf. That is nothing to do with your mental health. Tell them gtfo

                Oh god no! That just sounds like a terrible psychologist. That's not their job.

    I must be getting old. My first thought was "That's a terribly unhygienic thing that young lady is doing there with that sword!"

      Ask any doctor. The sword is probably cleaner than her mouth, no matter how good her oral hygiene is.

        Licking swords ftw!

          Delicious and metallic. Just like the blood of my enemies!!!!

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