Epic Suing Former Tester For Revealing Fortnite Spoilers

Epic Suing Former Tester For Revealing Fortnite Spoilers
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Epic Games is in the process suing a former tester for spoiling some of Fortnite’s big Chapter Two reveal secrets.

As Polygon reports, Epic filed the suit last week in North Carolina, alleging that former tester Ronald Sykes, who had played loads of the Chapter Two content back in September, began tweeting at other Fortnite players ahead of Epic’s “black hole” event, leaking information like the ability to swim, along with showing an image of the game’s new map.

The basis of Epic’s suit is that Sykes signed a non-disclosure agreement when he took the job, and that revealing all this information ahead of time broke that agreement.

“He did so at the expense of Epic and those in the Fortnite community who were anxiously awaiting the new season of Fortnite only to have some of Epic’s planned surprises spoiled by Sykes’ leaks”, the suit says.

You can read the full suit here.


  • I’m very tired of these people who seek attention by spoiling things which are genuinely trying to surprise us audiences. I’m not a fan of Fortnight but I hope this can be a clear message to all those that try to leak everything just before an event to just sit down and keep these things to themselves.

  • He signed an NDA. You break that NDA and you are subject to getting sued for it. Also I’m agreeing with the comment above, sometimes I just want surprises in games to be just that, I’m tired of seeing dataminers leaking content as soon as a big patch comes through

    • Keep in mind NDAs don’t have infinite reach. They’re far more complicated than the magic ‘you signed it so you have to take our secrets to your grave’ contract we see in movies. Even in a really simple case like this it can get muddy fast. For instance if he could prove he was only relaying information that he gained outside of his role as a tester he’d have a chance at beating this or at least reducing the damages they’re claiming.

      Epic obviously has everything they need to make an example of him but it’s always worth remembering that NDAs aren’t what we see in movies. If you go to Jurassic Park and all that stuff happens no NDA on Earth would prevent you from talking about all the acts of criminal negligence that happen. Way too many companies get away with misusing NDAs to intimidate employees into thinking they’ve taken a vow of silence.
      I’m not accusing Epic of misusing NDAs or misleading their employees/contractors who sign NDAs, but they’re definitely using their case to intimidate everyone else who works for/with them and I’m not super ok with that.

      • Oh I definitely agree with you there, but this is information on an unreleased product they want get a benefit of making some money off. And the hype train from an announcement can equate to real money being spent. If all the new content is announced secretly as a jotted down list and a couple of screen shots, it doesn’t get the same level of hype as a curated event like the black hole, and marketing from the chapter 2 announcement trailer. As well as work done by graphic designers. This to me doesn’t seem like Epic misusing NDA’s as a way of keeping employees in line. The former tester knowingly wanted to share the information, probably to gain notoriety or validation for their work.

    • NDA’s can be legally broken. Not relevant to this case but some information can be released and be protected under whistleblower laws.

      If for example this tester leaked than Epic was including Mining software in the client epic would lose a lawsuit against the leaker.

      • Yeah I understand whistleblower information can be used as a defence against breaking an NDA. In this case, it doesn’t appear that Epic is doing anything malicious with the release of Chapter 2 (apart from allowing players to buy more and more cosmetics)

        • Yeah, I understand. I was more just explaining how NDA’s arent legally infallible and can be broken depending on the situation.

          This guy however is SOL.

  • As a quality engineer (“tester”) myself, it really pisses me off to see people do this. It really undermines the reputation of the industry, testers who take pride in their work.
    All too often I see testers leaking secrets, whether they be professionals or alpha players, they should all be held accountable to the full extent.

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