Halfbrick Is Back After Three Years With Another Time-Gobbler

Halfbrick Is Back After Three Years With Another Time-Gobbler
Image: Halfbrick Studios

Halfbrick Studios has announced its releasing a new mobile app, Magic Brick Wars, in November after a three-year hiatus.

The Australian studio, best known for the 2010 mobile app, Fruit Ninja, will be releasing Magic Brick Wars to iOS and Android on November 15. The real-time, multiplayer strategy game sees players set up defences to deal with a wave of enemies. Those enemies are little Raskull minions, who first appeared in the 2010 Xbox game, Raskulls.

Halfbrick Makes Half Their Staff Redundant

Halfbrick have made up to half of their staff redundant in a move to focus the studio on its two most successful games: Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

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The road to this point for Halfbrick, since Fruit Ninja was first released nine years ago, has been long. While the studio was responsible for some solid mobile titles in the past such as the Fruit Ninja sequels and Jetpack Joyride, it faced some organisational changes and by 2018, two years after its last app release, half of its staff were made redundant.

It was suggested the studio was trying everything to ride on the coattails of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride by producing similarly engaging mobile apps — after the switch from developing mid-budget titles for PC and portable devices (like Nintendo DS and PSP Go) in the late 2000s. But after many tries and some alleged problems with a shifting work culture, the revenue river had run dry and Halfbrick was stalled. Three years after its last release and around one-and-a-half years after a mass redundancy, Magic Brick Wars will be an interesting app to watch.

Magic Brick Wars will be available on iOS and Android from November 15.

Australia's Most Successful Game Studio Is Having An Identity Crisis

In years gone by Halfbrick had a tradition. When an employee decided to leave there was a farewell. A slideshow, a card signed by everyone. A speech -- a celebration -- topped off by a ceremonial bag stuffed full of marshmallows. Weird, flippant by design. A sense of closure to dedicated service in pursuit of one unified goal: The creation of unique, innovative video game experiences. A gesture reflective of the experience that, from the outside in, you might expect from a company like Halfbrick.

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  • I can already install the game, so much for November!
    Edit: the Play Store says Halfbrick released this in June 2018….

    • Hey denial048, the game has been soft-launched for some time in specific regions, this is why you can see it on the store. The game will be globally released November 15, 2019. I hope this clears things up! ????

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