Nvidia Makes Their Own Studio Just To Remaster Games With Ray-Tracing

Minecraft creators are having a blast with their fancy new ray-traced reflections and lighting, but there are plenty more classics that would be well served with a fresh coat of RTX-powered paint. Developers are busy working on new games, however, so Nvidia took the other approach by founding their own studio.

A job posting discovered by DSO Gaming shows a job ad on the graphics card manufacturer’s career page, looking for a producer to run their their Lightspeed Studios team.

The studio’s currently working on remastering another PC title, but adds that Nvidia is “building a team of talented, dedicated game developers who are ready to get going quickly”. Given that Quake 2 has already gotten the ray-traced treatment, another game that would make sense would be Doom 3 or another iD tech title like the original Quake. But something like Unreal or Unreal Tournament 99 would be fantastic.

Alternatively, I’d absolutely fire up Battlefield 1942 again just to see what it was like with ray-tracing. Or Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, if anyone wants to bring that game back. (Dear Bethesda: just bring Quake Wars back anyway.)

If you are the kind of person who has the requisite experience, you can put your hand up over here. The listing asks for a lot of AAA experience, which probably goes against a lot of Australians given the nature of local game development.

But let’s fantasy remaster for a second. What would you bring back if you just wanted to remaster a game to show off fancy new lighting? Thief: The Dark Project? Deus Ex?

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