Official Overwatch Cookbook Lets You Recreate Pharah's Favourite Childhood Snack

From Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of cookbooks for World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Firefly, and A Game of Thrones, comes the first official guide to cooking the delicacies of Overwatch. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of sinking their teeth into Pharah’s Canadian Butter Tarts and washing them down with Mercy’s elderberry liquor toddy, the Valkyrie’s Flight?

Clearly, Monroe-Cassel has an outstanding gig going. She creates real-world recipes based on video games and films. She cooks. She eats. She writes. According to her Twitter, she does this while there are small ducks within easy reach.

For the newly-released Overwatch cookbook, instead of staring at the various characters and trying to figure out what they’d taste like as I would have done, Chelsea drew inspiration from the characters’ countries of origin. Hence, Pharah’s Canadian Butter Tarts.

Each recipe in the book includes a little backstory explaining why it was included. In the case of the butter tarts, they were Pharah’s favourite treat as a child, a happy memory of a complicated childhood. Orisa’s Sundae, a lovely construction of chocolate ice cream, banana, kiwi, and caramel sauce, was given to robotics genius Efi Oladele upon creation of her robotic partner.

Since this is an official, Blizzard-licensed cookbook and not some sloppy and speculative fan cookbook, one has to assume all of these little descriptive bits are canon. That means Mercy likes a little nip of brandy with her chamomile tea.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook is basically 216 pages of Blizzard-sanctioned food fiction. The world needs more food fiction.


    Seems like the could've afforded to be a bit more adventurous with these. It shouldn't be too hard to find some non threatening North and West African recipes to include

    Yeah, I need a bit of hard liquor after playing Mercy, too.

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