The Horrible Goose Was The Unexpected Hero Of The UK’s People’s Vote March

The Horrible Goose Was The Unexpected Hero Of The UK’s People’s Vote March
Image: Twitter (Sarah Hiraki)

If the past few years of mass political protest have taught us anything it’s that, if you really want to stick it to the man, you’d better have a good placard. This weekend, as an estimated one million people took to the streets of London to campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit, they were joined by the unlikely ally of a horrible goose.

Over the weekend, protestor Sarah Hiraki shared a collection of anti-Brexit signs starring House House’s avian hero. On one placard, the goose holds up a European flag, while another asks marchers to “honk if you want to remain,” the goose itself resplendent in a halo of golden stars.

Another sign apes Untitled Goose Game’s in-game checklists; ‘resist’, and ‘march’ have already been crossed off, leaving just ‘remain in the EU’ to be completed. Not quite as simple as ‘rake in the lake’, I suppose, but there you go.

My personal favourite of the collection reads “it’s a beautiful day in the U.K. and you are a horrible Prime Minister,” and features a goose harassing a version of Boris Johnson who bears a striking resemblance to the distressed little boy in the game’s second area. Sometimes art really does imitate life.

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  • It’s nice being in a country that doesn’t violently riot (Trump winning) nor refuses to accept the result (UK Brexit) when it comes to voting results. I’d like to think we’re mature enough when we have our own issues that are potentially divisive to accept the result (same sex marriage) and move on.

    Of course I then remember that we’re the nation that needs to be kept away from alcohol or we become the drunken yobs of the world and I get depressed again.

  • nothing to see here just another politically neutral article with all the relevant information and certainly not deliberately missing large and important details.

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