Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Outer Worlds In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Outer Worlds In Australia
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The Outer Worlds is out on Friday October 25 and is shaping up to tide Fallout and Mass Effect fans over until the next installation. To help you get your eager hands on a copy, here’s a list of Australia’s stockists to get you a sweet deal.

If you haven’t been across it, the RPG is set in an alternate reality diverging from our own in 1901 where the US President at the time, William McKinley, was not assassinated. Because of this, Teddy Roosevelt never became president and the result is a world where mega-corporations dominate society and have expanded to take over nearby planets.

Your player starts the adventure in a very familiar way: a spaceship, filled with cryosleep humans, strays from its course and you wake up to a dormant ship on the edges of the new galactic frontier. While it’s certainly not a groundbreaking story, it’s one people are bound to enjoy playing with new space creatures and warring factions to destroy and dominate.

The Outer Worlds Will Rattle Your Idea Of A Perfect Planet

The very first quest in The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s highly anticipated first-person RPG out October 25, asked me to make what felt like an impossible choice.

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While the IRL stores also deliver, if you want to save on some of those fees you’ll get a great price at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman with them both selling it for under $70.

Brick and mortar stores

  • EB Games: $89.95 + $5.95 delivery (PS | XB)
  • Dick Smith: $79 + $6.99 – $9.98 delivery (PS | XB)
  • The Gamesmen: $78 + $6.95 – $14 delivery (PS)
  • Harvey Norman: $68 + $5.95 delivery (PS | XB)
  • JB Hi-Fi: $69 + $1.69 – $3.50 delivery (PS | XB)

If heading to a physical store is not likely before its release on Friday, Amazon again wins with the cheapest physical copy available at $68.

Online only stores

  • Amazon: $68 + free delivery (PS | XB)
  • Big W: $69 + $3.90 delivery (PS | XB)
  • Epic Game Store: $88 (PC)
  • Fanatical: $80.05 (PC)
  • Gamory: $78 + $4.95 – $7.95 delivery (PS | XB)
  • Green Man Gaming: $80.06 (PC)
  • Kogan: $79 + $6.99 – $9.98 delivery (PS | XB)
  • MightyApe: $69 + $5.90 – $14.49 delivery (PS | XB)
  • ozgameshop: $72.99 + free delivery) (PS) – OUT OF STOCK RIGHT NOW
  • Play-Asia: $ 77.97 + $12.32 – $34.16 delivery (PS | XB)
  • PlayStation Store: $89.95 (PS)
  • Microsoft Store: $89.95 (XB) included on Xbox Game Pass

The title is included on the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass For PC from October 25 so if you’re subscribed, you’ll be able to give it a spin immediately.

Happy alien slaughter!

Correction: The Epic Game Store price was originally published in USD. We’ve since updated the post to reflect its approximate Australian price.


    • Yup and $59.99 USD is equal to about $87.63 AUD at the moment. Almost on par with the PS Store and Microsoft Store making one of the more expensive options.

    • Correct! Was about to comment this but you beat me to it.

      $59.95 USD is about $87.63 AUD, so if you’re on the Planet of Australia and you’re gonna buy The Outer Worlds for PC via Epic? You’re ripping yourself off pretty hardcore.

  • I’ll do my usual “shop at EB and price match it to JB” good thing they are across the shops from each other.

    Always good to get my carrots up!

    • its scary to think people actually pay for games at full price from EB. poor poor parents that have no idea

        • (Also: Discounts and stuff. But mostly prestige. My partner’s almost got that sexy, shiny, black level 4 card, with its 10-day version of the no-questions-asked return period.)

          • The 50% extra trade value from the birthday “gift” coupled with the 20% for level 4 is really good and if you trade towards a pre-order sometimes another 20% on top of that, then just price match on the day.

            Also got some invites to EB events but now there are so many level 4’s it doesn’t happen, kind of want level 5 to become a permanent thing maybe at like 25k carrots.

    • Amen. Sub to game pass, give it a whirl, see if it passes muster, play it til I get bored then cancel the sub til it comes out on steam at half price.

      • Recently hooked up the XBONE for Gears 5 – thinking of doing just this – sign up to GP for a month or so. Total cost will be less than buying outright

    • For what it’s worth, if you have a Game Pass sub active you can pre-load now I believe.

      I’m in the process of preloading on PC, and based on that I’d very much assume that means it’s up for Xbox Game Pass users also.

  • So i am pretty much screwed on price since i want it on PC. What happened to the time when PC games were cheaper then the console counterparts? At least people aren’t limited to Epic and Microsoft to buy it, because that there is ridiculous lol. Guess i will keep eye out for a discount down the line.

  • I was interested after Gita’s review. Bonus for it coming to Game Pass so I can give it a whirl this weekend.

  • If you have an XBOX One or gaming PC then GamePass is by far the cheapest way to play this game and then pick it up later on sale if you enjoyed it enough to own it outright.

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