Beloved Anime Character Finally Gets His Own Store In Tokyo

Doraemon, a blue robotic cat from the future, now has his own store in Tokyo’s Odaiba—the first of its kind for the character, apparently. The shop, called Doraemon Future Department Store, features an array of Doraemon related goods.

What makes Doraemon so cool is that he always pulls out an array of gizmos from his pouch to help his dopey friend Nobita. He also has a “Dokodemo Door” (Anywhere Door) that can transport you, well, anywhere!

The Doraemon manga debuted in 1970, and the anime first aired in 1973 for one season. The character became a Japanese cultural institution by the late 1970s, and the show once again returned to TV in 1979. It continues to broadcast weekly in Japan.

Besides the expected merch, the shop also has interactive activities, like a Dokodemo Door people can try out for themselves. 

The store will be open to the public starting December 1. 


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