Here’s JB Hi-Fi’s Black Friday 2019 Gaming Deals

Here’s JB Hi-Fi’s Black Friday 2019 Gaming Deals

If you’re after discounted games from Black Friday this year, JB Hi-Fi has some killer deals on a range of new titles, including Rage 2, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled and Borderlands 3. There’s also a whopper deal for a PSVR starter kit, PlayStation 4 controllers and the PS4 Pro. Check ’em out!

According to the latest catalogue, JB Hi-Fi’s Black Friday is set to be a solid one, with the best deals of the lot being a PS4 Pro console for $389, and a PlayStation VR Starter Kit for $269.

Check out the best of the console and accessory deals below:

  • Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Code: $399
  • PS4 1TB Bundle (Uncharted + God of War + Horizon Zero Dawn): $349
  • PS4 Dual Shock Controllers: $49
  • Xbox One S Console Bundle (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Forza Horizon 4 w/ Lego Speed Champions Code): $279
  • Xbox One S All Digital Console Bundle (Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3 Code): $199
  • Xbox One X Console Bundle (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Forza Horizon 4 w/ Lego Speed Champions Code): $429
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600X + P Wireless Gaming Headset: $99
  • A50 Wireless Gaming Headset: $399
  • SEGA Mega Drive Mini: $99

And here are all the games on sale:

  • Rage 2 (XBO/PS4): $39
  • Fifa 20 (XBO/PS4): $39
  • Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (XBO/PS4): $39
  • NBA 2K20 (XBO/PS4): $39
  • WWE 2K20 (XBO/PS4): $39
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (XBO/PS4): $39
  • COD: Modern Warfare (XBO/PS4): $59
  • The Division 2 (XBO/PS4): $19
  • The Outer Worlds (XBO/PS4): $59
  • Kingdom Hearts III (XBO/PS4): $24
  • Borderlands 3 (XBO/PS4): $49
  • Gears 5 (XBO): $49
  • Just Dance (XBO/PS4/NS): $49
  • Madden 20 (XBO/PS4): $49
  • NFS Heat (XBO/PS4): $49
  • GRID (XBO/PS4): $49

If you do get the JB catalogue delivered, here’s what you can expect to see:

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    • Agreed.

      I was about to buy it from the playstore store for $39 as that was already a good discount but kept putting it off as I didn’t want the download slowing me net down.

      Now I’ll just pop into JB on the way home from work and save myself $10 and the download hassle

      • Same, I nearly hit download, but given my juicy ADSL connection I might have been waiting until next Black Friday to play haha

        • Haha yup. I keep meaning to set it up to download over night but keep forgetting. For once its worked out well for me.

          I am expecting a reasonable sized update download even with the disc version

          • Isn’t this a new game? I’ve seen it discounted heavily several times now. This is strange for a new release isn’t it?

          • It got a massive backlash from fans as they went in a new direction. They dropped a lot of offline content and forced people to focus on competitive online racing. The online racing can be fantastic, but the damage I think was done for the game.

            So news dropped a couple days ago that a big update is coming in December which places a lot of offline stuff back in. All free.

            Another 50 free cars are also coming with a bunch of new tracks too in 2018.

            And yes, I love this game.

          • It’s basically a Prologue again (while we wait for GT7 about the same day the PS5 is released..). Half a game for full price. It’s worth the discounted price for sure.

      • Unless they’ve remastered the disc for GT Sport you are going to need to download a huge patch before you can use any of the on-line features (which is almost everything except arcade mode).

    • I’m wondering where they got that from, it’s the only game listed above that’s not specifically mentioned in the catalog going by that picture, seems really cheap. Hopefully it’s not a mistake.

      Edit: Big-W has it for $32, so it probably is that cheap. Cool.

    • It’s a great game too. In December we get GT League which is a bunch of SP tournaments etc you can race offline.

      But honestly, the online racing is where it’s at. So good.

    • Not a bad game. Decent story. I found like most open-world games it gets rather repetitive after a while, but there’s certainly some fun to be had with it until you get sick of side missions and just do the story. Awesome soundtrack, I never turned the radio off after getting into a car which is rare for me.

    • There were a few underdeveloped mechanics in there around gaining territory and managing it, but if you treat it like ‘GTA on rails’ it’s a really satisfying interactive story.

      • Agreed. I kinda wanna fire it up soon after I’m done with Death Stranding and stuff.

        Stuff being like… Disco Elysium, Three Houses, Shadowkeep, Astral Chain, Pokemon, Outer Worlds, AoE2 HD, Planetfall, Iceborne, Surge 2, Ultimate Alliance 3, Ace Combat 7, Detroit, Fallen Order, RDR2, Vampyr, Indivisible, Breakpoint, Far Cry New Dawn, Code Vein, Link’s Awakening, Goosegame, Wargroove, Mutant Year Zero, Divinity OS2, Control, Remnant, God Eater 3, Sunless Skies, Cultist Simulator, Sinking City, Metro Exodus, Bloodstained, Judgement, Outer Wilds, Layers of Fear 2, Sniper Elite 4, Days Gone, Katana Zero, Hellblade, EDF… 8 or whatever now?, AC: Odyssey, AC: Origins, Sekiro, Div 2, Battlefleet Gothic 2…

        …y’know. Stuff. But I swear Mafia 3 is on there.

  • Why is Black Friday somehow now a thing done in Australia? Like it’s a “day after Thanksgiving” thing from the US and we don’t do Thanksgiving so… I don’t get it at all

    • Any excuse for a sale, really. Also, virtually half the companies we buy from are international, and JB is directly in competition with some of those companies so, why not?

      And it’s only indirectly a Thanksgiving thing, in that the day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been the biggest shopping day in the US only because Thanksgiving is such a long holiday to go through without buying stuff. Ultimately, however, it’s the shopping that’s driving the day, not the holiday as such.

      In practice Black Friday isn’t any different from the completely invented ‘singles day’ from alibaba, it’s almost completely disconnected from any actual holiday.

    • It lets places clean out stock that people would buy for themselves before stocking up on giftier stuff for Christmas. The problem with the Boxing Day sales was that they had to keep stock stored somewhere over the Christmas rush and people were on holidays and not in the mood to spend. Moving it forward to November lets retailers avoid both of those problems.

  • So now the Xbox One X is only $30 more expensive than a switch. What’s that 0.8 teraflops compared to 6 ?
    I just bought an SSD drive for my current one X and I can confirm it makes a world of difference in load times.
    $439 for the best console for cross platform titles is pretty amazing.

  • Hey, Lifehacker.
    Appreciate the heads up, but please give more consideration about when it is appropriate to repost and update old articles. Especially for sales news, it makes a mockery of the comments section when everyone is getting excited about a discount on a game that is now on the Playstation Hits label, and people are replying to stuff on the logical assumption it’s a new article.

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