Here’s JB Hi-Fi’s Best Gaming Deals This Week

Here’s JB Hi-Fi’s Best Gaming Deals This Week

If you’re stuck for things to play, JB’s gaming deals this week include good prices on Far Cry: New Dawn, Assassin’s Creed: OdysseyNeed for Speed: HEAT, the GRID reboot and more.

The latest offers from the yellow-box retailer don’t have any massive surprises, and their regular 2-for-$40 deal isn’t running at the moment. But if you’re looking for something extra to tide you over for the next month or so, there’s some good options.

Right now, for instance, you could grab Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Middle-earth: Shadow of War for $9 a pop. There’s Anthem for $4 again, if you want it at the cheapest possible price before its possible redemption. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at $9 is great value, and $19 for The Division 2 (on console) is a great dollar-to-hour investment. (Same with Destiny 2: Forsaken.)

Here’s a list of all the good deals going right now:

jb hifi gaming deals
Image: Destiny 2 Forsaken

There’s also stock back in of the Switch Lite and latest Switch revisions, but they’re at full price. That said, you’re still getting plenty of value from a Switch (but make sure you get a Pro Controller — it’s seriously better).

JB Hi-Fi also has a string of micro retro consoles as well, ranging from GALAXIAN, Karate Champ, Bad DudesGalaga and more for $49 each. Could be a fun gift if you’re looking for something different. There’s also the mini NEOGEO International console for $149, which has 40 titles including the best King of Fighters titles, the Metal Slug series, Fatal Fury Special and a lot more.



  • Interesting, JB have matched EB Games and then Big W’s price for Labo kits. Got one for my son last week for his birthday. They’re hard to get your hands on at $29 though so be quick about it if you intend to buy one.

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