Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Death Stranding In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Death Stranding In Australia
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Hideo Kojima’s weird baby Death Stranding is days away from release and if it’s something you’d like to experience, here are the cheapest copies in Australia.

Since reviews are now live for the game, we have a bit of a better idea about what Death Stranding actually entails. You’re Sam Porter Bridges (The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus) and you need to transport some boxes full of all sorts of things between locations in a beautiful post-apocalyptic world. You begin as a regular delivery man and then you become an expert delivery man by the end, essentially.

But a word of caution, this is a Hideo Kojima game so you know even that won’t help you prepare you for what you’re about to experience.

Ghosts, terrorists and rough terrain will try to stop you from delivering your goods and your ultimate goal of connecting a network between the remaining civilisations of the United States again. It's bold, it's innovative and, as some reviewers have said, it can be plain boring.

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The title of the cheapest copy of the physical stores goes to Harvey Norman, which is selling it for $68. JB Hi-Fi and Big W are selling it for a buck more at $69 if they're in a more convenient location. With delivery, JB Hi-Fi remains the cheapest overall.

Brick and mortar stores

Amazon is offering the cheapest copy from an online store with the physical copy costing $68 with no shipping costs.

Online only stores

We wish you well on your Death Stranding journeys, wherever the hell you end up.

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  • If you have Amazon Prime, video game orders attract a further $5 discount at the moment, so you can get it delivered on the 8th for $63.

    • It’s coming to PC now if you can wait, I know I can’t.
      (I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a PS5 version either)

      • Or alternatively the PS5 version will be the PS4 version, similar to how some games adapt to the added horsepower of the PS4 Pro.

  • I’m torn about picking this up on day one. I want to play it at some point but I’m worried the experience will differ/suffer if you come to it too far after the community has populated the world with infrastructure. And you can play it offline too, but that’s not the experience it was designed for either. I wonder if there is going to be server wipes/resets etc. and how frequently.

    • Even if there isn’t a kind of entropic effect to combat the aggregate of all players’ contributions over time, I’ll be surprised if there isn’t some sort of upper limit to how much of the community infrastructure you can be exposed to.

      • True. Hopefully it’s handled in a neater way than just having old structures mysteriously disappearing to make room in the session/server for new ones.

        • So it turns out there’s a kind of acid rain and being used a lot makes some structures wear out unless someone (for bigger projects the entire community can get involved) repairs them or contributes resources to their repair. You can elect to hide contributions you think are unhelpful and ‘like’ things you think are helpful which makes them more likely to appear in other worlds.

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