The Uncharted Movie Has Been In Hell So Long It’s Turned Mark Wahlberg Into An Old Man

The Uncharted Movie Has Been In Hell So Long It’s Turned Mark Wahlberg Into An Old Man

Sony has been trying to get an Uncharted movie made for over a decade now, and while the latest attempt to get Nathan Drake’s story on the big screen—starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland—sounds like it might actually get made, the addition of Mark Wahlberg to the cast this week is a reminder of just how deep in development hell this project has been.

You might not remember, but this isn’t the first time Mark Wahlberg has been attached to the movie. In 2010 he signed on to star in the film as Nathan Drake, with Robert DeNiro to play his father and Joe Pesci his uncle. A year later, both he and director David O’Russell were gone.

Now, as Variety reports, he’s back! Only this time as part of director Travis Knight’s (Bumblebee) version, and rather than playing Drake, he’ll be co-starring as Sully.

A movie being in development so long that your star goes from playing Drake to Sully? Yikes.


  • Given this is supposed to be an origin story, we have a Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland, who is much younger than the Drake in the games. So it makes sense that we’d also get a Sully who is much younger than the games ie Mark Wahlberg. If this happens, it’s going to be more along the lines of that flashback sequence in Uncharted 3 showing how Drake and Sully met rather than the time frame shown through most of the games.

    • Yeah, that makes sense.

      When Nathan Drake first met Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, Drake was a teenager and Sully was a younger, fit looking guy with brown hair, which makes sense considering Sully used to be in the navy and essentially lived his post-navy life as a mercenary and professional thief.

      So Mark Wahlberg might be able to fill the shoes of a younger, Uncharted 3 Sully.

  • Mark Wahlberg is only good at playing as one character; Mark Wahlberg. He doesn’t have the humor nor charm to pull off Drake or Sully.

  • I love this series and I will watch the movie no matter what.

    In saying that i cant help but feel that it’s going to be a disappointment. I can’t believe they haven’t gone with Nathan Fillion as Drake. They share the same name and look identical. He even has the same voice. The short movie he was in captured the series vibe perfectly and was great. Missed opportunity!

  • Kind of dodged a bullet with Robert DeNiro, guys made nothing but trash since Meet The Parents.

    I also wonder what has been going on with the Splinter Cell movie it was teased back when Chaos Theory released back in 05.

    • By all reports, The Irishman is a damn masterpiece. One last hurrah from De Niro to remind us all of how great he can be when he’s not just phoning it in, perhaps.

  • Was Bruce Campbell ever actually attached to play Sully or was that just a fan casting?

    Regardless, I’d be a whole lot more likely to watch that version.

    • Unfortunately, no. It was fan casting. Bruce considers Sully as a box ticked since he already played the same character, Sam Axe in Burn Notice.

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