Here’s Amazon’s Best Christmas Gaming Deals

Here’s Amazon’s Best Christmas Gaming Deals
Image: Quantic Dream

Everyone’s getting rid of all the games in the lead-up to Christmas, and as usual Amazon are discounting hard.

Their deals are mostly restricted to PlayStation games, with titles like Days Gone going for $24, Detroit: Become Human at $20 and Watch Dogs 2 for $10. A lot of the other deals are similar to what JB is offering, although there’s some extras in there like Concrete Genie and console bundles, as well as a flash deal on Kirby Triple Deluxe on the 3DS … just because, I guess. The Switch Lite is at a good price as well, but that might drop later this week.

The full list of deals can be found here, but below you’ll find individual deals.

Decent mix there. There’s more accessories and console bundles available too.


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