A PSVR Pack With Skyrim, Resident Evil, Astro Bot And More For $262

A PSVR Pack With Skyrim, Resident Evil, Astro Bot And More For $262
Image: Gizmodo

It’s taken some time, but PSVR has finally matured into a nice spot. And if you’re looking around for Christmas gifts, a PSVR bundle with Resident Evil 7, the superb Astro Bot, Skyrim VR and Everybody’s Golf VR, then today’s the day.

Amazon are selling the MegaPack bundle for $262.65 for today only, and it’s the best way to get into PSVR. Extra bonus: Sony has already tacitly announced that the PS5 will support the existing PSVR, but you’ll obviously get the performance bump from the PS5’s vastly better hardware.

Not a bad time to jump on board. There’s more gaming deals here, including Modern Warfare on PS4 for $49, a PS4 1TB Slim for $299, 12 percent off an Oculus Rift S, and a bunch of bargain games.

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    • There will be a psvr2, but I wouldn’t imagine that will be out for a while. The PSVR is supposed to be fully compatible with PS5, so not only should you be able to play PS4 VR games, but hopefully there will be PS5 VR games too.

      • I’m curious to see how the existing PSVR will work with PS5, given that the patent for the PS5 controller that surfaced a while back appeared to show that it has ditched the light bar. Doesn’t PSVR depend on the light bar for tracking the controller (assuming you don’t have Move controllers)?

        • I’ve been wondering the same thing. It could just mean that you require a DS4 to play. That’s a bit annoying as I was planning on taking in my Pro for the PS5, but given the potential that the PS5 will bring to VR, I’m happy to fork out an extra $50 if I need to. I just hope that the PSVR2 ditches light tracking as my lounge has light coming from all directions.

    • I’ve ‘read’ PSVR2 will be kinda crazy upgrade. This probably means it won’t come until around 1yr or so after PS5 release. Because VR tech is still being worked on (cheaper better lcds etc).

      Could be wrong tho.

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