JB Hi-Fi’s Flogging Anthem Off For $4 Again, Along With Other Stuff You’d Rather Buy

JB Hi-Fi’s Flogging Anthem Off For $4 Again, Along With Other Stuff You’d Rather Buy
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Still need something cheap for Christmas? JB’s flogging off a bunch of games from $24 and under, and most of them are pretty damn good. Oh, and there’s Anthem as well.

It’s not the only place that’s pushing out a ton of PS4 games for relatively cheap — EB Games and Amazon are discounting aggressively as well, and we’ll have a list of those deals shortly — but if you’re pottering around JB, there’s a ton of solid games for decent prices.

God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and Bloodborne are all going for $17, and for two bucks more you can get the Wipeout Omega Collection, No Man’s Sky, Destiny 2: Forsaken and The Last Guardian. There’s also Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone for $24, but the former is cheaper at EB and Amazon right now.

Here’s a curated list, but there’s tons of Xbox games for cheap here, Nintendo games on sale, and PS4 games here.

Tons more to be found here.


  • The prices are good for sure but JB frequently sell used games as new and repack/shrink wrap them on site.
    Not all the time but when they have a sale. Not a big issue if you know what you’re getting isn’t brand new.

    • Are you sure that they’re actually selling second hand stock as new? There are multiple reasons why a shop might open and reseal a box besides trying to deceive customers into thinking a second hand copy is new.

      If the store has a no questions asked returns policy, then returned stock would not generally be considered to be second hand, and may need resealing. If the store has empty boxes for the game on the floor, then they probably have the discs and manuals behind the counter ready to be repacked. Such stock would be unsealed or resealed, despite being new.

    • This happened to me as well. I bought two copies of a game for friends at the JB after Christmas sales and both were told the codes had already been used when they went to install them (install from disc then register in Steam). There was nothing on either case to indicate they were used or trade-ins & they appeared to be in original packaging.

  • We get it, Alex! Anthem was a disappointment. But for $6 (the price of a cup of coffee), you can actually get quite a few hours of fun out of it.

      • It was also a typo. It should have been $4 as per the title of the article. Unfortunately, you can’t edit comments.

      • It’s my understanding that $6 is pretty standard in Perth. I’d be even poorer than I am now if I had to pay that.

    • Mass Effect 3’s ending, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem walk into a bar.

      Sorry, there’s no punchline.

      Everyone just ends up miserable and disappointed.

    • I bought a brand new copy of Anthem (Legion of Dawn edition) for $5 from EB Games the other day and used it as a joke present. I gave it to my brother for Christmas, and inside the game’s case is what he actually wanted, cash.

      To be fair, he is actually going to give Anthem a go and I have heard that Bioware is working hard to try and make Anthem a better game, so honestly, he might end up having an awesome game to play in the near future.

    • Me and a friend bought it and after putting in a couple of hours, it’s definitely… fine. At best. There are myriad issues, but when it comes time to pilot the Javelins, the controls and combat are snappy and exciting. I had fun, but only during missions or freeplay. The story delivery is a mess, levelling and gear systems are a mess, the hub world is a mess, and the “tutorial” is useless — it only explains basic game functions that exist across basically every game (“jump with space”, “shoot with LMB”, “aim with RMB”) and none of the Anthem specific mechanics.

      For $4 though, it’s fun enough to get a kick out of flying around in essentially Iron Man suits and laugh at how bafflingly bad the poor design decisions are.

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