My Hideous 2019 Pile Of Shame

My Hideous 2019 Pile Of Shame
Image: Ubisoft/Kalypso Media/Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are many hours over the span of a year — around 8760 to be specific. Most are spent working, sleeping, eating, showering and commuting to and from work. With the ones left over, I watch TV and play games.

Like most of us, the free time I do have is precious and only the best, most entertaining games get it. With that said, here’s my pile of shame. The games that only got a few hours of my attention or none at all. Part of the reason is due to the time, the other part is just general interest because I felt meh about them after I bought or received them.

Just Cause 4

Image: Square Enix

This one’s purely a time thing. The Just Cause series is dumb. We all know that but there’s nothing more mindless than jumping into a helicopter or jet and blowing up a town full of bad guys and watching everything explode with glee. I suspect I’ll add this into the queue once I get through a few more time sinks.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass

Image: Ubisoft

I loved Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and was more than happy to spend 60 or so hours playing it. Then I took a break and played something else, vowing to come back and finish off some the fun but arduous quests behind but that time just never came around.

A season pass sale promised countless more hours, so I got sucked in and bought it. One evening, I decided to give it another crack but I immediately felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of side quests I hadn’t finished off on top of the new DLC. I’ve quietly shelved it away for another day, knowing I’ll probably never give it another proper go.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Image: Skybound Games

I’m acutely aware of how bad things were for Telltale employees when the company suddenly fell apart but their graphic adventure games were some of my favourites, starting with The Walking Dead series. The final season rounds out the end of Clementine’s journey as a scared young girl to the teenager struggling to get through a messed up apocalypse.

Not that I’d know though — it’s also in my shame pile despite loving each season. So much guilt, sorry Clementine.

Tropico 6

Image: Kalypso Media

The Tropico series is another example of good, non-committal fun. You can play a game, watch it all go to hell, save or can it and do it all again another day. But despite Tropico 6 looking like a really fun upgrade to the tools I know well, it keeps getting sidelined for other big release games.

Eventually, I’ll have a little period of only playing Tropico 6. I own it after all, but that day hasn’t come in the past six months. Oops.

Days Gone

I feel less guilt about this because it had two things going against it. I’m already averse to zombie games because they scare me. I tried Dead Island, thinking it would be manageable, but after an hour, I ditched that one too.

The second reason is it just wasn’t that fun. I did get a bit of a rush driving my bike slowly through hordes in an effort to get them to chase me but I was less brave taking them on properly. This meant each mission would require me to get the hell over my anxious-ridden playstyle and stealth around horrifying hordes. Fun but also not. I sunk a good 10 hours into this one but it goes in my shame pile because I didn’t progress much into the actual story. And not sure I ever will.

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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Image: CD Projekt

I am a Gwent enthusiast. So much so, that even though The Witcher 3 had a crazy number of enriching sidequests, I always chose the Gwent card quests over them all. In fact, the main reason I progressed the main missions was to get to Skellige to finish acquiring some more cards for my deck.

When I saw the mobile app coming out, I ‘pre-ordered’ it so it would download straight to my phone on release. That was nearly two months ago and I haven’t opened it once.

My shame pile truly is hideous.

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  • Hehe. That’s not a knoife pile of shame…

    Thanks so much to twitch prime/humble bundle/poor impulse control/EGS fere games for giving me a truly absurd pile of shame.

  • Note that standalone Gwent is almost nothing like the mini-game found in The Witcher 3. There is a little shared DNA, but it plays quite differently. You’ll often be doing a lot more in a turn than simply playing a card.

    It can still be an enjoyable game, and there is a decent single-player version (“Thronebreaker: the Witcher Tales”) is a decent sized game and lacks all the microtransactions.

    • You’re right… As much as I went through Witcher 3 and discovered I just wanted to play Gwent on its own, the way they ended up picking it up and running with it added layers complexity I wasn’t looking for and didn’t want. It’s a nice, simple game in Witcher 3. It’s… something very different in multiplayer on its own, and Thronebreaker feels like less a card game and more puzzle game. There are way too often very specific solutions you need to have identified to get an optimal result.

      • I completed Thronebreaker, but it was a bit of a slog (I’d have been happy if the game was about a third as long). Even though it unlocked a bunch of cards for multiplayer, I have had no desire to install that version and redeem them.

        I don’t know if it is unique to Thronebreaker, but the artwork felt like a big step back. The art for many cards was way too detailed to be recognisable when shrunk down to the size of a card. You shouldn’t need to expand the card to the full screen details page to actually recognise what it depicts.

        It was also annoying in some of the puzzle battles where they essentially used new cards unique to the match but reused artwork from cards I was familiar with.

  • I stopped having a pile of shame by just not buying as many games. I only buy stuff I know I’ll love, then play them one at a time. I might miss out on one or two titles but I just get them later to fill in the gaps. Saved me a load of money and made gaming a bit more meaningful and enjoyable too.

    • Yeah, I recently looked through my purchase history on steam and noticed I had purchased hundreds of games up until about 2013/2014 at which point my buying dropped off to only a couple of titles a year until the present. I still haven’t played half the games I bought way back then.

  • I have a subscription to Humble Monthly which adds to my pile of shame every month
    with the exception of a few games this year (which might release years prior)
    the only games that I have played from Monthly from this year
    My time at Portia
    Mutant Year Zero
    Earth Defence Force 4.1
    Sniper Elite 3

    My current steam Library is 932 games (mostly from humble bundle, I was quite addicted to it ages ago) and have no idea how many games are in my humble bundle unused keys

      • You know the one game is really pissing me off for being in my pile of shame is
        The Outer Worlds

        I really want to play it but something is stopping me (inventory management, I think)
        I am in Monarch at the moment

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