You Can Get A Switch Lite For $224 This Week

You Can Get A Switch Lite For $224 This Week

If you missed out on all the Black Friday Switch deals, turns out one even better was hiding around the corner.

A cheeky OzBargain user has spotted a nice surprise in a catalogue for The Good Guys, the whitegoods retailer that JB Hi-Fi acquired in 2016. From this Thursday, you’ll be able to grab a grey version – not the fancier yellow or turquoise – of the Switch Lite for $224:

Image: OzBargain

It’s miles better than any of the deals that were going around Black Friday, when most places were selling models of the Switch Lite for $279 or $289. It’s not as colourful, sure, but it’s a solid chunk of change to have Fire Emblem or Mario Kart 8 in a jacket pocket.

The deal is advertised only in the catalogue for now, but keep an eye on Good Guys’ Nintendo listings just in case it becomes available online – otherwise you’ll have to truck into a nearby store to grab one.

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