Here’s The Best Unlimited NBN 50 Deal

Here’s The Best Unlimited NBN 50 Deal
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We’re all still waiting for NBN to roll out 150, 250 and better plans. But until that day, you can at least make sure you don’t spend more than you need, which is where Internode’s latest deal comes in.

The ISP, which built its reputation in Australia for having a strong farm of local servers for a variety of games, today has the best NBN 50 deal on the market. Similar to the Black Friday and Boxing Day deals, Internode has dropped the price of their NBN 50 plan for six months.

That means you’ll only be charged $59.99 a month for half a year, with the price rising to $79.99 a month thereafter. It’s not a month-to-month plan, but the contract length is only six months, which means you can churn as soon as the discount ends. If you don’t have a modem, you’ll have to factor in an extra $74.95 fee.

The next best NBN 50 offering comes from Tangerine, which resells NBN from Vocus. Besides them, the next major recognised plans are from MyRepublic at $69 a month, and TPG’s SL Bundle for $69.99, the latter of which is restricted to an 18-month contract.

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  • We’re all still waiting for NBN to roll out 150, 250 and better plans. While some of us are still waiting for the NBN to roll out in any form. Despite living in the inner city and having everywhere around us connected already… /rant

  • Usually these deals are FTTP/FTTC/FTTN only. Those of us struggling along on NBN FW usually get slugged a $10 regional tax.

  • If phone service is important to you, the $75 fee is not optional. Even if you have a perfectly serviceable router with SIP support for a phone handset, TPG/iiNet/Internode will not provide you with the credentials to configure the telephony support.

    So if you’re planning to churn at the six month mark when it switches to a $80/month service, then it is more like you’ve been paying $72.5/month. And you’ll probably want to check if your next ISP also locks you into using their modem/router too…

  • Do not go to Tangerine or MyRepublic, both of their services suck, and they tend to try and chase money even when not owned.

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