Red Bull’s Newest Flavour Is Exclusive To South Australia [Update: But Not For Long]

Red Bull’s Newest Flavour Is Exclusive To South Australia [Update: But Not For Long]

I’ve got some good and bad news. Australia’s getting an exclusive new flavour of Red Bull, and it actually sounds refreshing: watermelon. The bad news: it’s available exclusively to South Australians, but only for a month.

The new flavour, which is being marketed as The Red Edition, will be sold exclusively across South Australia. The cans will be available in OTR’s South Australian 148 petrol and convenience stores, the locations for which can be found here. (Update: Red Bull has clarified that the new flavour will only be sold in OTR’s SA stores, not Victoria, and that the flavour will be rolled out to other retailers and states after February 23.)

Red Bull Red Edition will be priced at $3.59 a can, the same as other Red Bull flavours.

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    • It’s extremely common for companies to test new products in small regional markets to help them decide whether the product is likely to be successful enough to make it worth their while expanding distribution elsewhere. Many of these small test market products never see broader distribution for a range of reasons.

  • South Australia has a long history of companies trying out new products there due to its remoteness. The idea is it can be tried without negatively affecting bigger markets.

    • Guess it’s a bit easier than Tassie. We used to get all sorts of strange stuff down here. Didn’t know SA did as well.

  • Sounds like a similar situation with Frozen Oak – the refreshing slushie that’s made of Oak chocolate milk. Frickin’ delicious, but only stocked at a limited number of Caltex servos, and mostly in NSW. I had to go on a dedicated hunt to find which ones in Brisbane stocked that chocolatey, chilled ambrosia.

    • Had to log back in just to reply to you, yes I completely agree. I don’t understand how they’ve been allowed to have such a massive market share and influence. They’re the first one to raise prices, and last one being dragged kicking and screaming to put them back down.

    • Jumping on to third this comment. OTR is a gross and corrupt monopoly that has spread across our state. When I went on holiday over Christmas, I was dismayed to find one in Portland, Victoria, the parasites crossing the border like a cane toad.

      Red Bull is not game related and OTR are reprehensible. This is one of the few times I will agree that an article shouldn’t exist.

      • But they don’t have the monopoly any more, this was true 5-10 years ago but there is now an even spread of Caltex and Mobil X across metropolitan Adelaide, my local area has 1 OTR, 1 Mobil X, 2 Liberties and 3 Caltex servo’s

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