Watch Nintendo's First 2020 Smash Ultimate Direct Here

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Pokemon kicked off the Nintendo Directs for 2020, and now it's Smash Ultimate's turn.

Nintendo has announced that there'll be a Smash direct running for about 35 minutes on January 17, 1:00am AEDT. It'll be a mega deep-dive into an upcoming DLC character, and with some of the rumours that have flown around, it's sounding like Devil May Cry's Dante is a solid bet.

As always, Masahiro Sakurai will lead the presentation. Having just got the versatile Terry to the roster, I'm hoping the next DLC character - it's probably Dante, but I'll hold out hope for my boy Psyduck to get his time to shine.

You can watch the Smash direct below.

Nintendo's Smash Ultimate Direct: The Latest Character Is..

What DLC characters would you like to see in Smash Ultimate this year?


    My bets are on Travis Touchdown.

      How can you say that with a Doomguy DP?!

        Doom Guy might get Mii Fighter costume treatment for a gunner, but I don't think he will be in the game.

        Dude, I WANT Doomguy. You have no idea. When the hat leak happened I had hope, but I've come to settle that that was a fake. I'm not ruling out Doomguy in the future, but it's a roll of the dice.
        I don't believe he's #5, but by gum I do want him.

    Perhaps it's just because I was never a DMC fan but I feel like Dante would be such a dull character to add. I'm sure Sakurai will find some way to give him (or any character) an interesting gameplay niche but it just feels like there's a lot of better choices out there...

    I'm also hoping for Dante from CAPCOM'S Devil May Cry series including Devil May Cry 5 as our final DLC fighter and as part of the Fighters Pass. Then after our final DLC fighter reveal I don't know what other DLC characters reveals we might get I'm probably thinking maybe we get Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon as our next DLC characters all will be revealed in tomorrow's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct and I'm excited for tomorrow's reveal on our final DLC fighter. But even though I won't be watching the Direct at 1:00am tomorrow morning I will be watching the replay tomorrow morning to see what the final DLC fighter reveal is and I hope it will be Dante from CAPCOM'S Devil May Cry series including Devil May Cry 5.

      Is this a bot?

        It's the mythical James Thornton, we may never really know.

        Yes, a decent but extremely predictable one. He's easy to spot from the first half of a sentence now.

    I desperately want one of the DLC characters to be a Meownster Hunter. Palicoes would fit right in, and Monster Hunter has flourished on Nintendo systems up to MH: World. I'm doubtful it'll be this one, the last of the first wave. Dante seems to be the clear prediction. But with the extra DLC characters they revealed would be coming I'm hopeful


      I know this is a reference to Waluigi but it also happens to be my reaction to the actual character announcement


      I really don't think it'll happen. Too much red tape with Disney.

      Now watch me be proven wrong tonight.

        Exactly, he'd be one of my top choices if I could pick anyone to put in but I'm 99% sure that all non-Final Fantasy characters (including all the original ones) from Kingdom Hearts are completely owned by Disney, not Square-Enix. So Sora seems about as likely as Mikey Mouse :(

    animal crossing direct when? it's due out in almost 2 months and they've been pretty quiet on talking about the game as a whole since the last Direct it's in.

    I know we've gotten screenshots and a JP trailer but... bro. Two months.

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