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Apex Legends is officially a year old, four seasons in, and still one hell of a shooter.

The game has a bit of a lightning rod as soon as it came out. Respawn wanted to make a Titanfall game, and found something that might have worked even better. The game is so successful that EA constantly touts it as a ten-year franchise to investors, and before the year is out, it'll be on phones too.

Apex Legends' Character Is Ideal For Newcomers

With Season 4 of Apex Legends underway, new character Revenant is an interesting addition to the game’s roster. His abilities can heavily turn the tide of a firefight, and I’m curious as to where he’ll land in the larger team dynamics. So far, he feels like a character who’s a bit more welcoming to newcomers and battle royale haters.

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New Apex Legends Update Lets You Drop Famously Crappy Gun In Disgust

The Mozambique still sucks, but at least Apex Legends now has a sense of humour about it.

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What I've loved about Apex is how it quickly and immediately carved out a place, combining fast movement with a dabble of hero abilities and excellent gunplay. Now in the game's fourth season, all those things are still in place. The ping system is still one of the neatest evolutions for in-game communication in years, and most appreciably, the game has been well optimised from day dot.

The new additions, for the most part, have landed pretty well. Revenant, like most new characters, has slotted into the mix nicely. The most recent patch also shifted the Scout to the Assault Rifle class - meaning you can use AR optics and attachments with the rifle, instead of sniper-class attachments - while the superb Devotion is now a crate-only weapon, given how powerful it was.

World's Edge has gotten a nice rework too, with an open multi-level harvester in the middle of the map where the Fuel Depot was. Capitol City has got lava running throughout that will damage but not kill, which players are still experimenting with.

Apex Legends Season 4 Brings A New Character And Shakes Up The Map

Apex Legends’ Season 4 is now live. There’s a new character and weapon, changes to the map, and lots of tweaks.

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A lot of the game's changes over the last year, I feel, are best shelled out in a separate article. Community Review, after all, is for you. So I'll simply ask this: over the last year, how have you found Apex Legends, are you still playing or have you returned with the most recent season, and what has your experience been like?


    I played it on launch day and found it difficult to get into, largely because it felt just like everything else at the time.

    I was intrigued by Revenant, so decided to give it another shot over the weekend and to my delight as a Titanfall fan, it finally clicked. Now that I understand it, and communicating is incredibly easy even without a microphone, I felt at ease playing teamwork with complete strangers and following their lead to better come to grips with the concept.

    I'm not a big fan, not yet, but with a few more rounds I can see myself really falling in love with it.

    It's probably my most-played game of 2019. It's really an excellent shooter, and perfects many of the BR tropes that emerged in Fortnight and PUBG.

    Fast movement, excellent gunplay and well-designed maps. My only real gripe is that the Australian player count seems quite low on console, so it's very difficult to get a game in ranked mode. It's also running VERY poorly on console at the moment, but I expect a new patch in the coming days will fix that.

    Really looking forward to see what Respawn can do with this game over the next 12 months.

    By a mere coincidence, I picked it up for the first time yesterday.
    It's alright. A bit overwhelming with all the unique talents and such. I think I'd prefer the vanilla experience of PUBG, or Fortnite sans building.

    I played it once, but I couldn't get into it. I was, perhaps unfairly, mentally comparing it to Fortnite, but I didn't have a gun, couldn't even find one, and when I inevitably got gunned down, I seemed to be waiting for someone to revive me. I'm tempted to retry it because I love Titanfall 2 multiplayer and any comparison to that masterpiece has me intrigued.

    Do like = movement & gunplay. Takes essence from hero shooters without ruining game. Nice balance between *realistic* BR like PUBG, and wacky shit like Fortnite

    Don't like = skineconomy sucks and are overpriced, cheaters are pretty prevalent (welcome to F2P BR issues), its not TF2.

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