Kickstarter RPG Takes Pokemon, Blends It With Breath Of The Wild

Kickstarter RPG Takes Pokemon, Blends It With Breath Of The Wild

Kindred Fates is an open world RPG on Kickstarter that aims to build on the steadily-growing popularity of the Pokémon genre, with a few key changes.

Live on Kickstarter now, Kindred Fates has already surpassed its funding goal with more than $168,000 raised over the last five days. The game sees players raise sentient creatures called Kinfolk, taking them on an adventure across an open world filled with grasslands, oceans and mountains on the monsters’ backs.

Image: Skymill Studios

A variety of planned Kinfolk have already been unveiled, taking clear inspiration from the look and feel of Pokémon, with just a hint of Digimon for good measure. Kinfolk levelling looks more akin to the Digimon mechanics, and features a branching evolution path and bonding system.

Image: Skymill Studios

Unlike Pokémon, Kinfolk battles are real time. When Kinfolk die in battle, their souls must be retrieved by players before it fades — otherwise the creature is gone forever. There’s even a sad little Memorial in-game where players can go to visit their lost Kinfolk. 1v1 and 2v2 PvP matchmaking is planned, along with online trading for collectors.

Image: Skymill Studios

The popularity of Kindred Fates, and similar games like Temtem proves just how popular monster battling now is. As folks look for an alternative to Pokémon‘s classic gameplay formula, we’re likely to see more games like this pop up. Kindred Fatess Kickstarter campaign will be live until February 28, 2am AEDT. The minimum pledge for a digital copy is about $45.

The current release window is around June 2023 for PC and Switch (provided the campaign breaks its $223,582 goal for a Switch port).

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  • I really want a World of Final Fantasy 2 now. It’d be nice if we got a Final Fantasy Explorers 2 too that took the formula of the previous game but made it a lot more interesting and fun to play.

  • $50,000 for an online open-world game is unreasonably low, especially for a 17-person team, half of which are concept artists, with just 3 coders.

    Honestly I don’t see how they’re going to manage this.

  • Please do not call it “the Pokémon genre,” unless you also plan on calling side scrollers “the Mario genre” or RPGs “the Final Fantasy genre.” The word you’re looking for is “mongame”—short for “monster-raising game.” It’s been a thing even before Pokémon existed. Please stop comparing all of these to Pokémon unless they are actually borrowing from Pokémon (like TemTem does liberally).

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