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    Really disappointed to find out today Holden will essentially cease to exist as a company in Australia. It's never great to see such a great company go out like this.

      It sucks. I was never a holden person myself but it's sad to it end

      I was very much a Holden kid growing up (I even had a personally signed Peter Brock poster on my wall), so hearing this news made me really sad.

      Sure, Holden haven't put out a decent car in like a decade, but it still hurts to see the brand die. Especially because it didn't have to be this way.

      Anyway, fuck Joe Hockey.

        I've pretty much had holden throughout my whole life.

        My dad's first car was a 50's era holden before he then owning a Panelvan model.

        I currently have a VN Commodore LS HSV that was one of the first generations of HSV Commodores and it was built-in Adelaide.

      Thats what happens when you have a government that decides production is too expensive and decides to double down and all in on resources (which will eventually run out) instead,

      Responsible Economic Management people! =P

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Andrew Weatherall. There are very few people who can genuinely claim to have changed the course of music, and his work on Primal Scream's Screamadelica album absolutely puts him in that category.

    Also, Beth Orton's Trailer Park album is a severely underrated gem and you should all go out and listen to both these records right now. (While you're at it, take a listen to Two Lone Swordsmen and Sabres of Paradise).

    He will be missed.

      Damn. I didn't hear about this til now. Great album. RIP

    Alex Walker has been the best editor of KotsAU since The 'Goose. But I'm tired Kots, I really am. I took no pleasure in watching the slow-death of this once fine(ish) news-blog - but now I am done, completely.

    I'm bored of the routine. Opening an article, clicking pause on the auto-play. Reading barely a paragraph of a spicy hot-take. Scrolling past the ads at the end to read the comments, and then, having to readjust as more ads pop in.



      On a side note, I still am having moderated comments, after yeeeeears.
      I have no idea why or what I said to be moderated, but It'd be nice if I could earn a reprieve some how....

        Except mobile chrome doesnt allow adblocker =/

        Im on the same boat...i like reading the occasional article and even put up with t he lastsecond taboola ad loading makingme click on an ad instead of replying. But auto play videos is justthe straw that breaks the camels back here..

          Ahh.. On my phone I used to use AdFree (by OdiousApps) works well but needs root.
          At the moment I'm using Energized Protection ( No ads! ;P

            Do not put links into your comments or you'll be in the moderation queue again!

              OH! Very Sorry Alex! Wasn't aware that was frowned on.. Haven't been posting much the last few years. I'll re-read the posting rules.
              My apologies.

              BTW, I THINK I'm still on the moderation list.. Unless you removed me very recently...
              Thanks for letting me know. ;)

              EDIT: Yep still on the list. :(

              Last edited 11/03/20 1:52 pm

                All good, as more stuff's approved it'll be cleared out.

    looking to buy a new case... anyone with a full tower suggestion?

      Do you really need a full tower? I got me a sweet Fractal Define R6 late last year. More a mid size, but I'm running 6 hard drives and an oversized CPU fan and it still feels as if I could squeeze a beach ball in there. Great case, really modular, great airflow, really easy to play with. I couldn't be happier.

        never heard of it so thank you for the suggestion

      +1 for Fractal's Define range. Got my latest rig in Dec 2018, with a Fractal Define Mini C-TG, and it's great. Currently fit with 2 SSDs with room for one more, one HDD with room for another; a 5700XT (the Sapphire Nitro+ - admittedly a somewhat tight fit at 306mm); a possibly larger than necessary CPU fan...

      Great case - really nice and easy cable management, great airflow, easy to get in/out of, and very quiet considering what's in it.

        and this is why I poke into the comment section every so often haha

        thank you!

      Unless you are water cooling everything, You dont need a full tower.

        oh? I guess you're right to be honest, when I looked up the previous suggestion (Fractal Define R6) it could support 4+ 3.5/2.5 HDD combination (I have 5 in my current tower)

        I'm honestly open to all suggestion since I haven't built a PC in a long while

    Gentlemen (and gentlewomen), as of 6:13am AEST, I am the newest member of the Kotaku dad club.
    What a hell of a day it’s been!

      Congratulations! and look after yourselves. Delivery day is ... yeah it’s intense.

        Thanks! The hardest part so far is the change to our sleep schedule... and knowing what to do with the bub sometimes!

          Aw, congratulations mate! Good luck in the first six months.

    So has anyone else received a notification when logging into Kotaku on Chrome recently saying that there was a data breach and your details have been exposed?

      I haven't. I usually use Brave browser, but I opened up chrome and logged in there to see, and nope. No notification. But after googling, it's a feature of google apparently. It means there has been a breach on some site somewhere, not necessarily Kotaku, where you use the same username/password combo you have used on Kotaku.

        Well, dang, now I should figure out which site got breached.

          Try checking as they usually have the big breaches listed/aggregated and you can search by your email address.

            Looks like it possibly was "Data Enrichment Exposure From PDL Customer", whatever that means exactly. There was another site but I use a different password there so that shouldn't be an issue. At any rate, I've changed my Kotaku password now.

    deleted. replied in the wrong place.

    Last edited 02/03/20 10:30 am

    Hey @AlexWalker, what are the odds of you getting your hands on Animal Crossing early? I got a few questions I'm dying to know that haven't been answered just yet.

    From Gizmodo's article on SotN coming to phones:

    whereas iOS is only compatible with just a handful of wireless gamepads that are MFi approved.

    This is untrue. iOS supports both XBox One and PS4 controllers and they work fine.

    Alex, can you slap whoever wrote this upside the head? (I can't comment on the article directly because Gizmodo.)

    Who else is having fun dusting off their Business Continuity Plans for COVID-19?

      I guess us, but most of our APAC office have already activated their BCP so we already scaled up infrastructure and learnt some valuable lessons in load balancing

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