The Division 2 Is Available For $US3 Today (But Only On PC)

The Division 2 Is Available For $US3 Today (But Only On PC)

The Division 2 was thoroughly solid when it launched almost a year ago, so being able to grab it for 95 percent off is obviously a properly good bargain.

The promo is obviously designed to coincide with the news of the new expansion, Warlords of New York. You won’t get Warlords with the $US3 promo, but there’s plenty of content in the base game already.

The deal’s available through the Ubisoft Store’s US page. It’s not listed on the ANZ Ubisoft store at the time of writing – the standard edition of the game for PC is still a full $89.95, although the console versions are selling for $35.97 and the “Warlords of New York Edition” on PC is going for $59.95 right now. But if you’ve got a VPN that connects through the US, you’ll be able to take advantage of the $US3 deal here, as long as you’re fine playing on PC.

The Division 2 Is Available For $US3 Today (But Only On PC)

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It’s a good time to jump into The Division 2 too, with Ubisoft Massive reinventing the game’s approach to endgame content and its loot. Some of the changes in Warlords of New York were being teased to players back in September – without the context that it’d be part of a standalone expansion.

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We’ll keep an eye on the Ubisoft ANZ page today and let you know if the deal is replicated on the Australian store and, if so, for how much.


  • Maybe surprising, but even at $3 I won’t pick up this game. There’s just too many other games in my backlog and I wasn’t impressed with Division 1 when I played it….I know this game is substantially improved but even just the core gameplay loop didn’t feel fun to me after a while.

    • Yep, there’s no way you’d like it as I believe, for all it’s faults, Div1 was a better experience. Having said that I did enjoy Div2 and am looking forward to going back to NYC in a new area. But I still hanker for that the terrible cold NYC of Div1.

  • i got this for free with my graphics card on release. It was… solid. Not great, but totally solid.

    If you have a few friends you can play with I bet it would be a fun game.

  • Even with a VPN, you cannot get past the payment wall without a US credit card or a US paypal account. Otherwise it’s still AU$89.95 (what a joke).

  • man this was confusing, it looks like “Warlords of New York Edition” is the base game + expansion and costs $59.95

    the actual expansion is actually under the DLC page and costs $44.95… yea I think I’ll just wait for a sale

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