Here’s Plenty Of Half-Life Alyx Gameplay

Here’s Plenty Of Half-Life Alyx Gameplay

If you were worried that Half-Life: Alyx might not be a true Half-Life game in tone or spirit because it’s in VR, this should put that to rest.

Valve released three videos this morning, giving a closer look at some of the physics and locomotion in game. You can, for instance, very creepily use your gun to flip over head crabs.

Like dealing with those in VR isn’t scary enough as is.

The gameplay is also a really good chance to see just how Alyx flows in longer sequences, rather than the short snippets of edited footage from the initial launch trailer. The first video shows off a quick battle in a train, before interacting with a health station and upgrading your pistol. There’s a lot of really neat small motions around opening lockers, picking up helmets and duct tape, that look really neat.

The second video is a bit shorter but shows a really neat hacking mini-game, where you rotate a globe around with one hand while using the gun to connect the dots. Being able to wave at a head crab while you throw a grenade at them also looks like one of those neat moments you can have in a game that just … brings it to life a little better.

Finally, the third video showcases some cover shooting and locomotion teleporting. The shooting mechanics and cover look neat, and being able to use the controller to pull open a car door to act as a makeshift shield is a neat trick in a pinch.

Don’t know how much I’d want to be exploring toilets for syringes, though.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on March 23 internationally. You can’t get the Valve Index locally without paying a fortune, but the game is compatible with the major PC VR headsets.


  • Even without the Valve Index I’ll never be able to afford this but at least I’ll be able to watch it. Been waiting for any new Half Life stuff for a long time.

  • 2 small elements have me a little cautious, and this is mostly because I’m a stupidly obsessive fan of the series, but Alyx’s new voice actor just doesn’t sound the same, and Merle Dandridge didn’t need to be replaced, and I’m really missing Kelly Bailey’s music and how it was implemented.

    I can describe the exact moment that almost any given piece of music plays in th the franchise because it’s used sparingly. Those tracks were, and are, special because they didn’t fill every moment. Right now it looks like Alyx is trying to modernise Half-Life, and while that’s to be expected there’s something to be said for how music was used in the earlier titles that I feel like I’m going to miss.

    Russel is amazing though, I already love him, and the rest looks great.

  • I have 2 take aways from this.

    1. Graphics that have not been updated since 2004.
    2. Gameplay that wouldn’t hold up were it released as a real game.

    Bring on a real HL3 please.

    • 2 is just like your opinion man, but 1, you REALLY need to either get your eyes checked or do a side by side comparison. You’re just plain wrong there.

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