Fallout 76 Devs Want To Add Pets To The Game

Fallout 76 Devs Want To Add Pets To The Game
Screenshot: Mikael Hertell, Bethesda

The dream of having a pet Deathclaw to cuddle with only cold Appalachia nights could soon be a reaility.

Fallout 76‘s developers did an AMA on Reddit yesterday addressing all sorts of questions about the game and its future. While some things like expanded camp building budgets and additional NPCs could be a ways off, others, like pets, seem a lot closer to finally happening.

“Edible ones? I kid,” wrote Fallout 76 project lead Jeff Gardiner in response to a question about them. “Now that we have our companions system in the game, we are looking to add pets as well.” Whether that means later this year or farther down the road remains to be seen.

Fallout 76 already does have a make-shift pet system of sorts with special animal-related perks you can upgrade to pacify enemies and get them to follow you around. It’s how some pet-lovers have already managed to turn Fallout 76 into a weird, post-apocalyptic rendition of Pokemon. These players deserve to finally get proper pets that won’t randomly glitch out or run off and get themselves killed.

And the rest of us all deserve a Fallout game in which you can finally pet a Deathclaw.


  • I am enjoying wastelanders, really solid content addition with NPCs and the factions.

    Devs discussing new content when there are game breaking bugs atm(ie, allies can steal your best stuff and you cant get it back on one of the events) really irks me but. Get the current release stable and then talk about new stuff.

  • For any other franchise this would be an interesting addition. For this game however I can only start to think how disgusting the microtransactions will be (and you Know there will many) surrounding such a feature.
    I already mourn the future of the elder srolls series.

    • Yeah. Starfield and TES6 are not ‘guaranteed preorder all aboard the hype train’ releases for me anymore. Once upon a time, when the last thing they’d released was FO4, yes… yes, they would have been. Now? Fuck no.

  • Headline should read:

    “Fallout 76 devs want to take a Reddit suggestion and make it a microtransaction instead of adding it to the game like the player want”

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