My Video Game Ate My Homework Is A Sweet Graphic Novel About Games And Growing Up

In My Video Game Ate My Homework, a new middle-grade graphic novel from DC Comics and writer/illustrator Dustin Hansen, 13-year-old Dewey Jenkins’ science project is sucked into a malfunctioning virtual reality game console. Dewey and friends must navigate a digital role-playing adventure to retrieve the project and save Dewey from summer school. Check out an exclusive preview of the feel-good comic book adventure below.

My Video Game Ate My Homework creator Dustin Hansen taps into decades of experience working on games like The Sims, Madden football, and EA’s kid-friendly Street Sports series in crafting this grand comic book adventure. He also taps into his personal experience as a young teen with dyslexia. Dewey struggles with the learning disorder and must overcome his self-esteem and confidence issues.

Dewey’s volcano science project is his last chance to earn a passing grade and avoid summer school. Even better, if he turns in the best possible project, he’ll help his class win a prototype virtual reality game console. Unfortunately, Dewey’s best friend Ferg breaks the console, and when they attempt to fix it, the project is sucked inside, followed by Dewey, Ferg, Dewey’s sister Beatrice, and her best friend Kat. The four reluctant adventures must work together to rescue Dewey’s project and find their way home.

The tone is lighthearted, the art is lush and colourful. See for yourself in nine of the graphic novel’s 160 pages in the slideshow below.

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