Steam’s Weekend Deals Feature Some Must-Have Indies

Steam’s Weekend Deals Feature Some Must-Have Indies
Image: Steam

Every weekend lately, Steam has been spotlighting sales from indie developers. This weekend, it’s Annapurna Interactive’s turn — and there’s a bunch of fantastic games on sale that come highly recommended.

Rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts is another highlight — it’s a groovy on-rails arcade game set to a thumping beat. It’s on sale for $13.87.

Then there’s also the gorgeously-illustrated (and BAFTA Award-winning) adventure Florence for $6.36 and the delightfully cute and chaotic Donut County for $9.25.

Ashen, a brilliantly crafted RPG from New Zealand studio A44 is also on sale for $34.17.

Outside of these titles, there’s a bunch more awesome adventures on sale across Annapurna’s catalogue and from other related publishers. Here’s the highlights:

  • ABZÛ: $14.47
  • Dungeon Rescue: $7.40
  • Flower: $3.48
  • Goroga: $10.75
  • Her Story: $7.25
  • Hyper Light Drifter: $14.47
  • Kentucky Route Zero: $26.96
  • Loot Rascals: $10.75
  • Luna: $15.05
  • Tacoma: $14.47
  • Tattletail: $6.00
  • Telling Lies: $17.37
  • Virginia: $1.45
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse: $17.20
  • Year Walk: $4.25

The list features some of the best indies around — what will you be picking up?

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  • Sayonara Wild Hearts was my personal 2019 GOTY and I cannot recommend it enough, especially for under $14.

    • This has been on my wishlist for ages, but now that I’ve bought it I’m initially disappointed. This is partially due to my thinking this was a rhythm game and not a runner. But I really like a good runner, massive fan of games like the Bit Trip series and Run or Die, and this just doesn’t do it for me. I’m only a few levels in so maybe it gets a lot better, but at the moment I’m very tempted to refund.

      • Same. Everyone was raving about it when it launched on Apple Arcade, but I just couldn’t see what everyone was so hyped about. I might try it on PC where the controls are less obtrusive and I can get more into it, but I’m starting to suspect that people were mostly into it for the music/story, both of which I found shrug-worthy.

  • Man, some of those are pretty shitty ‘deals’.

    I know Kentucky Route Zero has just launched its final chapter but, seriously, $ 26.96? It’s been as low as $12.49 as recently as January.

    ABZÛ was an EGS freebie, and hard to compete with that, but even the normal Steam discount price is A$9.99 every couple of months. Not sure what the price hike here is all about.

    Her Story was as low as .99c as recently as the Steam Christmas Sale, it’s also been in the $1 tier of half a dozen bundles.

    At best, none seem to be a better deal than the regular random sale price that drops for each more or less every 4-6 weeks.

    • This is not a comprehensive list by any means as it just includes games I have in my wishlist, but Florence, Simmiland and Felix the Reaper are right now the cheapest they’ve ever been. (Thanks isthereanydeal!)

      • isthereanydeal butchers AUD pricing. As far as I can tell it’s just converting the USD price instead of relying on actual AUD prices.

        For example, it’s showing Simmiland as $3.90 on the info page and $2.49 on the history graph (the USD price), but the Steam price is actually $3.75. Not that 50% off is going to cause too many people to phone home.

        Florence is listed as $7.03, although it’s $6.37 on Steam, and regardless, a 25% discount on a game released only 6 weeks ago is pretty much par for the course.

        I isthereanydealed quite a few of the above list, but I’m glad you found a couple of discounts that you’re happy with.

  • Also, they’re not ‘specials’ or ‘deals’ but worthy indies Cloudpunk and Troubleshooter both left early access this week and are very awesome.

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