The Best Bargains From Steam’s Halloween Sale

The Best Bargains From Steam’s Halloween Sale

This week is the spookiest of them all, and Steam’s celebrating the best way it knows how — with a delightfully creepy Halloween Sale! There’s plenty of games to choose from, but we’ve found the best bargains of the lot.

The sale runs from now until 4am AEDT on November 2, so you’ll want to get a move on if you spot a must-have deal. While there’s plenty of bargains to be had under the $20 mark, there’s also some genuinely good deals on the premium side of things. Survival horror Man of Medan is a juicy $33.46, the brilliant Dusk is $21.71 and the actually-very-good Call of Cthulhu is $27.47.

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There’s also Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition for $38.97 and the fantastic A Plague Tale: Innocence for $35.97.

But now, onto the real bargains of the bunch. Here’s the best games available for under $20.

And now, here’s the best of the rest at $10 and under.

This year, there’s also a nifty ‘free’ tier for free-to-play games. Of them, I’d really recommend checking out Cube Escape Paradox and its preceding games. They’re a bunch of simple Twin Peaks-inspired adventures that tell a thoroughly creepy and fantastic story.

Which games are you picking up?


  • if you have them already, and im sure they will come up for sale. grab the Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 game + all DLC. they are seriously worth it and combined, its cheaper than getting into the tabletop

  • Man of Medan was wonderful, but alas I already have it. I’ll be buying Blair Witch over in GOG DRM free sale land.

  • Just a quick note to anyone tempted by Fallout 3 or New Vegas…

    Do not buy them on Steam – buy them on – much better versions of the games that run better on modern systems.

  • Finally a thorough list. Good job guys. Still though im not totally impressed by steam. i mean these deals are nothing exceptional, especially considering the slow connection speeds some of these games have AND the regional restriction. i connect through the german servers using purevpn (got it this halloween) as they seem to have stable connection speeds.

  • Did anybody tried Resident Evil latest version?
    Is this region specified or not?
    Because most of the time I play using Pure VPN like DOTA 2 and LOL because some ports are always blocked thats why PURE VPN help me in this regard.

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