We’re Running A Bonus Stream Tonight!

We’re Running A Bonus Stream Tonight!
Image: Daniel Goh

Lots of communities have rallied together to help support each other throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and tonight, I’ll be joining one of those.

The initiative is being run by the Australians at Game On Australia, and has been running for the better part of a fortnight now. The idea is to provide 24/7 hour quarantainment for everyone, ranging from games, music gigs, arts and crafts, education, esports tournaments and more.

We’re Running A Bonus Stream Tonight!

The 24/7 stream has been running with the support of the Game On Australia team and guest contributors, and I’ll be filling one of those slots tonight. From 8:00pm to 10.30pm AEST / 6pm-8.30pm AWST / 7.30pm-10pm ACST, I’ll be streaming a couple of gaming classics.

It’ll be streamed through the Game On Australia channel below, which will be running throughout. The stream will be running before and afterwards, of course, but you can also join the official Discord channel here, hang out, and ask me any questions.

While you’re at it, give our official Twitch channel a follow too! It’ll be getting more of a workout in the coming days and weeks, and we’ll keep you posted about some more updates in the offing real soon.

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