What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a time for relaxation, meditation and, given the complications around actually visiting family, contemplation.

It's Mother's Day on Sunday - no shame if you forgot, it happens to all of us. But actually visiting family, for those who don't live with their parents, is still pretty complicated. Australia has done exceptionally well over the last couple of months, but the coronavirus is something that we still have no solution for. The opening of cafes, playgrounds and restaurants doesn't mean that five people bumper to bumper is no less risky than it was a couple of months ago.

If anything, it's more risky.

So a lot of people this weekend will be just as alone as they were last weekend. And the weekend after that. And probably for a little while longer. We might see an extra face or two than before, but it's going to be a long road back to normality.

It's times like those where games like Cloudpunk come in real handy. Games have always been excellent at escapism, but flying to a world covered in things I love: rain, lots of neon lights, flying cars, and just that wonderfully alive metropolis that Australia doesn't have.

I'll be also spending some time virtually with mates, since I can't spend time with my family in real life. Which is a bummer, but on the flipside, I don't think I'd want to be playing Overwatch or Valorant with my family. They had enough time hearing me play Counter-Strike scrims as a kid.

What will you be doing over the weekend, and how are you planning to celebrate or honour Mother's Day in the current environment?


    Very close to finishing Persona 5 Royal (which I was really on the fence about but now have zero regrets about buying) so once through that, I’ll finally be getting around to playing Radiant Historia for the first time - all this time at home seems made for JRPGs!

    Anno 1800
    Metro Exodus
    Death Coming (Epic Freebie)
    Just Cause 4 (Epic Freebie)
    little bit of Star Trek Online
    Fallout 4 (Updating my uploaded Mods)

    Hopefully more Final Fantasy 7 and some Gears Tactics.

    Some Warframe, some Nioh 2, try to get back in to the FFVII Remake while trying not to start another run of the original and going through some more Dreams tutorials so I can make a Night Garden sandbox for my little fella....who will prob have no interest in his daddies efforts.

      Oh man... I can imagine how warped this will turn out.

      I don’t have Dreams but definitely post some screenshots. Sometimes I see Makka Pakka when I sleep...

        I’ve definitely bitten off more than I can chew so far, it’s gonna be interesting.

    I’m contemplating on whether to buy animal crossing, never played before. Don’t really know what it is

    Snowrunner. Only had it a day so far and it’s very addictive.

    Hopefully finishing up my Lore achievement in RE2 Remake, then blowing through the rest of the weekly challenges and then I get to start on RE3 Remake!

    Throw in the usual Resistance, some DBD, and some Azur Lane and maybe FGO.

    Also Ring Fit for working out.

    Just got back into destiny 2. Will be playing that nonstop as there's an event on.
    So apparently i hate myself.

    Squeeze in a couple of chapters of FVII Remake before Mother's Day.

    I'm playing "gotta finish that uni report"... oh and about 50 hours of Satisfactory.

    Now that I've platinumed Persona 5 Royal, I'm in the mood for something more chill, and with all the Valhalla hype going on I thought I'd give Odyssey's New Game + a go. I've also still got a stack of shame pile to work through too - Far Cry New Dawn, Spiderman, Nier Autonoma, and the final season of Walking Dead all being smack at the top of it.

    I've got a Persona 5 Royal review to write, but outside of that I'm hard back in on Monster Hunter World, so I'll likely flip between that, FFXIV and building the mall in Minecraft that I started on stream yesterday.

    Finished Cloudpunk the other day, and it was... interesting. More an interactive story than a game, but it held together pretty well all things considered. Not the longest game, and theres no endgame either. At least nothing more than cleaning up sidequests and stuff like that, which there isnt much of.

    Hopefully they'll put something in as it seems a lot of people want to just be able to drive around the city doing deliveries. They've built a wonderful world and it would be a shame to waste it. And they could add elements to make it a game pretty easily, even if it was just a random delivery generator.

    I have bought my Mum a Switch Lite with Animal Crossing for Mother's Day so I am assuming I will be spending a bit of time helping her come to terms with that. I might get a bit of Pro Evo in, and also some FFVII Remake.

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