What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend

For some reason, I've been really into One Must Fall 2097 lately.

One of the best games Epic ever published, it was one of those '90s games that just had a really, really good singleplayer mode that was super replayable. It's the sort of game that fans never really successfully revived, and we still don't have much in the way of footage or code from the cancelled One Must Fall: Battlegrounds.

So anyway, I've been smashing through OMF again. I'm still struggling to find that sweet spot between game speed and clock cycles, because OMF can get wildly out of control on modern systems. You can also run the game at what seems like a nice speed, but then you won't be able to do a lot of the scrap or destruction moves. It's a bit weird.

Another thing that I've been enjoying just as a downtime, shut-my-brain-off entertainment, is Slay the Spire. I'm nowhere near towards "finishing" the game - one mate of mine said he wouldn't consider the game finished until passing Ascension 20. I've reached the heart a couple of times on the Switch, but that hasn't carried over to the PC where I've been playing it through Game Pass.

So I've just been casually working my way through, swearing at the screen any time Snecko pops up, and just enjoying Slay while waiting in queues for other games. It's entertaining like that, and when it hits mobiles and tablets, I'll probably pick it up all over again.

Beyond that, I'm also keen to check out some Wingspan, with a demo for the digital version hitting Steam this week. There's also a cool social deduction/lying simulator game that's meant for streaming, which could be fun.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Second playthrough of Nier: Automata. I was never a massive fan but it’s grown on me over time

    One must fall. Absolute classic. Great times back in the day playing the shit out of the shareware version.
    Anyway playing fm2020 and red dead redemption this weekend. Plus golf now that we can get out on course again

    I'll be doing the usual Azur Lane / RE: Resistance / FGO. On the regular gameplay side, I'm doing my Nightmare and Inferno runs of Resident Evil 3, but I should be able to smash those out relatively quickly since I'm doing Infinite Rocket Launcher silliness.

    After that, the marathon continues with Code Veronica X.

    Waiting for Rule Of Rose to be mailed, a friend recommended it to me cause I needed a Silent Hill fix, and they said it's pretty damn close

      Rule of Rose is one of the hidden gems of the PS2 horror era. If you're looking for something a bit more feudal japanese horror, Ku-on is a good one.

      Also, if you're in the PAL region, the Forbidden Siren duology is fantastic (albeit in a super cheesy b-grade way)

      Its odd in that the US never got the sequel but we did, considering how many games its the other way around,

    Restarted Skyrim with tonne of extra content bolted into it at the start of lock down. I’m about 50% through just the base game and suspect I’ll finish up just before the release of ES6.

      Its going to take you 4+ years to finish Skyrim?

        I thought it was standard to play skyrim and do everything but the main quest then get bored and not finish it?

          I would always do everything else, i could possibly do before even fighting the first dragon in the main quest. But i would always finish it.

            I get this. It took me probably about seven years of reinstalls, dozens of weekend mod-configuring binges (99% installing mods, 1% play), and eighty different characters played on four different platforms to actually stick with one long enough to finally complete the main quest. My count of hours, meanwhile, is approaching the thousands.

      I did a runthrough to max out all my perks recently. Took a while, and involved a lot of repetitive work.

    One Must Fall 2097.
    There's a classic.
    Getting the enhancements after fighting Jazz Jackrabbit was one of the best 'Easter eggs'. As well as finally being able to use the Nova. Using the Shadow was fun because it had a destruction move which summoned a massive shadow to obliterate your enemy - but for some reason the jaguar remain my favourite bot.
    Pyro wasn't great. The Gargoyle was crap but hard to block it's swooping attack. Electra was crap. Thought the best background was still the Power station. The planes in the desert were annoying.
    It's a good game.

      The Gargoyle with rehit + turbo mode and some of the patches was one of the most brutal characters in the game.

        Really? Wow, along with all my friends who played it, I thought that Gargoyle was in the bottom tier of robots along with Flail and Chronos. I never knew it could actually be good.

    Just finished Reach, so going to finish Halo 1 as well. The FF XIV grind has killed me for the time being.

    It's the sort of game that fans never really successfully revived, and we still don't have much in the way of footage or code from the cancelled One Must Fall: BattlegroundsCancelled? It wasn't cancelled, I own a copy of the game. It just wasn't as successful as the original because of the perspective shift and performance issues.
    I'm still struggling to find that sweet spot between game speed and clock cycles, because OMF can get wildly out of control on modern systems.IIRC, it was OMF 2097's manual that said changing the speed setting (in game) to the maximum was for if you like playing like a rabbit on crack.

    Now I want to play OMF 2097 and Tyrian again. But I'm currently playing Vanquish and then move on to Zone of the Enders 2 or Metal Wolf Chaos. I guess since I'm in a bit of a mech mood OMF fits the bill...

      Serious? You're totally right about that.

      Shit, now I want to check that out.

    Was doing a Legendary run in Xcom 2 WOTC. Had made a decent amount of progress (killed the first chosen, plasma weps, etc etc etc) and my steam updated and started doing some weird [email protected]#! and I had to do a bazillion things (reinstalled it, uninstalled it, uninstalled it and steam and now reinstalling it again today) in the hope to get it up and working again. In my ever increasing angst and irritation, I think I've deleted my save files -_-

    So that's a fun starting point.

    I've been playing my way through the Assassin's Creed games (from the beginning), and I'm up to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Love Ezio, love the rebuilding Rome minigame, not a huge fan of the "to get 100% memory sync on this, you have to do this very tricky thing" aspect.

      Thats my next plan after the Resident Evil-othon I'm doing. I haven't played past 3, so hopefully you have fun with them! (I did love the early ones tho)

      That one aspect of optional objectives in main missions is what killed AC3 for me.

      I’m sure when they designed the game they expected that you would go through the tedious bullshit hassle of racing through the story first, checking your sequences for missing bits, then going back and sitting through fuck knows how many checkpoints all over again to get the missing objectives... but what it meant I did was simply hit the retry button. Over. And over. And mother loving over again.

      I never finished AC3. It was the worst for this. They toned that garbage back slightly for AC4, which is another reason why it is the best AC ever made. (Mostly it’s coz pirates)

        I thought AC3 was the worst because so many of the missions demanded that you do them in one exact way in order to meet all the additional criteria. I couldn't understand how a company could produce a sandbox game, then prescribe an exact method to complete the main story of the game.

    MK8D, Might play some Just Cause 4 as well. I dont know, It didnt seem as 'fun' as JC2 or 3 Did.

    For myself I'm currently playing Pyre when I get time, and my husband and I just finished Torchlight II together last night. Thinking of taking on Titan Quest next!

    I loved OMF2097, I really liked that you had more powerful versions of some of the special moves like with Jaguar you had the usual v+>+punch which did a leap but if you did v+<+v+>+punch it did a more powerful leap. That's something I'd love more fighting games to do. I was a Shadow main though, his destruction move was super fun.

    I also remember a friend playing it and having my mind blown that there were secret characters called Fire and Ice respectively.

    Been playing Dead Cell all week. Fantastic "just one more run" addictiveness. Lately I've really been in a slump where no games were bringing me much joy, to the point that i was concerned i was losing interest in a lifetime long hobby. This just scratched the right itch to yoink me back into games again. Right now I'm on the bus home, after movie night with a mate and im eager to fire up the console n dive right in again!

    Fallout 4 replay, in order to make the character's face look as much like mine as possible. I've gone full narcissist, with photos of myself from every possible angle to work from.
    It's been...less than successful so far.

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