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star wars squadrons
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With Star Wars: Squardons, more Apex Legends, the potential future of Battlefield and if all is holy, a Mass Effect remaster. EA has a lot they can show off in their annual EA Play Live conference.

The show will kick off at 9:00am AEST / 11:00am NZST / 7:00am NZST and will be streamed directly through YouTube.

EA already indicated to investors that they would be “drawing on the breadth of our IP” for upcoming console and PC releases. One of those games was Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection. But during an investor meeting, the publisher told investors that they’d be launching “2 new mobile titles leveraging top IP”, plus “more games from indie developers launching this year”.

Here’s the list of games that EA has announced for this year already:

  • FIFA 21
  • Madden 21
  • NHL 21
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered (released)
  • Command & Conquer Remastered (released)
  • Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle (released)
  • Medal of Honor VR 
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • “Unannounced” sports game

The unannounced sports game is likely to be a UFC return, although NBA Live is always a possibility. Something could also be brewing behind the scenes with Need for Speed as well, and it’d make a lot of sense for EA to do more with that experience on mobile.

Watch EA Play Live Here:

EA’s been on a bit of a roll lately, so I’d really like to see something left field from them. As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, while there’s been a lot of chatter about a Mass Effect remaster, EA has a ton of bangers they could bring back to life.

Remakes of older Battlefield games would be brilliant too – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 2142 would go down a treat as a nice multiplayer surprise for the next-gen.

And let’s not forget Bioware. The company needs to provide a substantive update on what’s happening to Anthem, as well as some hope Dragon Age 4.

What would you like to see from EA Play Live this year?

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