Bargain Guide: The Cheapest Copies Of The Last Of Us Part 2 In Australia

Bargain Guide: The Cheapest Copies Of The Last Of Us Part 2 In Australia
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The Last Of Us Part II is days away from launching. And if you’re looking at follow Ellie and Joel’s adventure once more, then you might as well grab it for a bargain. Here’s the cheapest copies of The Last Of Us Part II in Australia.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new deals and offers since its original publication.

The cheapest retail price, although not by much, is Harvey Norman at $68. They’ve pretty much cornered the market on cheap games lately, usually undercutting the common retail price by a dollar.

Most other major retailers are offering the game for the usual price of $69, including JB and Kogan. Here’s the pricing round-up for Aussie retailers.

As always, keep in mind that several retailers including EB Games offer price matching, so you might be able to get that $68 price point regardless of where you shop.


Some retailers are also offering special editions of The Last Of Us Part II. The JB Hi-Fi Exclusive ‘Special Edition’ of the game costs $129 and includes a steelbook case, artbook, digital soundtrack and more.

The limited ‘Ellie Edition’ of the game that includes a statue, backpack and more appears to be sold out in Australia so if you had your eye on it, you may be out of luck. Scalpers on eBay are already selling the special edition for upwards of $1,000.

After a long seven year wait to continue Ellie’s journey, The Last of Us Part II carries the heavy weight of anticipation. The hype has never been more real. What are you hoping for?


  • Just a heads up, please don’t post images of scenes from the game that may spoil it. I have kept hidden away from all the leaks to only now see the scene you posted as the image headline. Cheers

    • I don’t know the underlying reasons as I didn’t read the spoilers, and I don’t know your stance when it comes to other games, but this just makes me think of all the other GOTY games that people highly praise that I find contentious, pretentious or downright problematic.

      I mean, most recently you have all the edits to FF7 with the remake, before that it’s God of War and it’s “this isn’t just a script, this is a movie script” design. Even further you get Last of Us 1 which against a plain backdrop of a zombie disaster has a cliche, dry story except for when it’s obviously driving to pluck at your heartstrings. Then what, before that it was Uncharted 4 and it’s failed Aesop of how chasing treasure to obsessive ends will destroy you.

      I reckon people will lap this up like dogs no matter what is wrong with it.

      • I have no problem with the remake of FF7 as i never played the original, really enjoyed the new God of War & the first last of us, Uncharted 4 was not as good as previous entries.
        What they make you do in the 2nd half of the game will test alot of people, but you will find some people who think its a brave choice and herald it as genius.

  • On a side note, while I would be interested in playing this, I’m thinking about possibly boycotting it due to ND’s treatment of their employees during the project. They need to be sent the message that this sort of development practice is not okay.

    I know this game will sell a bajillion copies so one lost sale won’t matter at all, and they’ll continue doing what they’ve always been doing and nothing will change. But is anyone else considering doing this too?

      • I’m not stopping you going out to buy it. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about since ND’s practices have been exposed and I’m wondering if anyone else has been having similar thoughts.

        • Of course the other side of the coin is that if people were to follow your example then you are also saying that those employees who put in the extra effort don’t deserve to be rewarded for that effort. Then because the game made no money they would then have to either work harder to produce the next game on a tighter budget or face the prospect of having to find new work because the lack of sales couldn’t recoup the costs.

          • I’ll stand with you WhitePointer, I wasn’t planning on getting it anyway because I didn’t enjoy the actual gameplay of the first but your reason sounds better.

          • I’ll admit, I wasn’t blown away by the gameplay of the original either. Fantastic art direction, cinematography and storytelling, but the gameplay (the most important part of a game) was decidedly average most of the time.

          • Sometimes short term sacrifices need to be made in order to make a long term point and improve conditions for everyone.

            One may as well argue that we shouldn’t ban children from working in salt mines because this may cause their families to starve.

            You need to draw a line somewhere, and a hypothetical in which certain well-qualified and readily re-employable employees potentially having to find a new job is hardly an earth-shattering consequence, particularly where half the staff are probably already looking for new jobs right now anyhow because that’s just how game development companies work.

          • lol. If trivial acts of microaggression are a waste of time you sure seem to be wasting a hell of a lot of your life commenting around here, eh?

          • @nuffman Heh. The difference is that I’m not constantly arguing that it’s a waste of time and trivial, as you have done in this thread.

          • @AngoraFish

            Good thing such matters are subjective. Just because *you* may think your comments aren’t trivial and a waste of time, doesn’t mean the rest of the community don’t.

            You ain’t all that fishboy.

        • Yeah it’s a tough one since it was discovered indirectly instead of the usual whistle blowing or burnout.
          The unsubstantiated rumours spread after the leak didn’t help matters either.

    • You would need to pretty much stop playing AAA games, I think. And probably a lot of indies, too. The practice seems to be rife through the industry, and I suspect that the high profile ones we hear about like this and RDR2 are just the tip of the iceberg which we hear about because of the profile of the game and of the studio making it.

      While I don’t like the practice, I don’t think boycotting what are otherwise very good games is the answer either. If that attitude takes hold widely then these people have slogged their guts out to make an excellent game only to see it flop and probably result in a lot of them losing their jobs due to layoffs, if not complete studio closures.

      • I think, once you started hearing about it more regularly, it’s become common knowledge that AAA is a minefield. The good thing is, because of that, there’s a lot of change happening in the background that will hopefully help to solve a lot of these issues (Rockstar’s supposed improvements, for example). Working from home could become the norm for a lot of the bigger studios, too.

      • This will never happen (boycotting games) because fandom is always stronger than morals or ethics. The consumer wants the product. Especially when it’s this game which has been hyped forever.

      • It’s not going to stop. I keep saying this but the video game industry is not unique in the slightest for these practices.

        The reality is that there are enough people who:
        *enjoy crazy work hours
        *are so enthralled by the process of being involved in something bigger than they could achieve themselves that they will eat shit to do it
        *are new to the industry and willing to put up with shit for a chance to put XXXX name on their resume
        etc etc, that there will always be a steady enough stream of fresh meat to grind through the tedium while the higher ups drive the ship and reap most of the rewards.

      • If that attitude takes hold widely then these people have slogged their guts out to make an excellent game only to see it flop
        thats pure conjecture at this point. the first game was generic and the 2nd looks to be generic + about 20 tonnes of politically correct circle jerking.

    • I understand your point and I agree with you to a certain extent but we don’t really know the extent of the treatment of employees when compared to other game studios and there is no way to definitively know.
      We do know that crunch culture is a common thing which has been going on for decades across the largest and smallest studios.
      So what’s the answer? Stop buying games? How do we pick and choose which studios are acting properly towards staff?
      It’s a tricky one and I’m certainly not trying to be facetious here.

    • There’s also Sony’s/ND’s abuse of the DMCA takedown system in an attempt to try and silence any and all discussion about the leaks you can add to your list too.
      Even if a most (but not all) of the claims were done by a external third party acting on behalf of them, they’ve done nothing to stop it so they may as well be actively supporting the takedowns.

    • them virtue tears are really getting to me. screw it, today is the day i turn my life around. youve inspired me to be better. oh wait no i just realised i dont give a fuck, and neither does anyone else. go jack off somewhere else for fucks sake.

  • I’m an Ebay Plus member, and I’m worried this $49 pre order special will be extremely limited. These Ebay Plus offers tend to sell out in seconds due to bots.

  • My Amazon preorder for $63 has been standing since late October last year. I’m confident that they can get it to me on release day, I’ve never put eBay to the same test.

    As for Harvey Norman, I wouldn’t count on them to have stock available. I’ve gone in to my local a few times when something has been on special only to find that store out of stock, or to be told they never got copies.

  • “EB Games – $99.95 (offers price-matching, comes with EB Exclusive reversible cover)” warning; if there is anything that makes it not an exact 1:1 product you can get elsewhere i.e. JBHIFI then EB may choose not to price match. Source: preordered games before with a preorder bonus they refused to price match given the other retailer didnt have the same thing. who knows if a reversible cover is enough to count; but you never know!

    • Before they stopped taking trade-ins because of current circumstances, I traded in some stuff to throw a preorder down for Last of Us 2.
      The version I’m down for (Last of Us standard plus), they told me outright that “we will not be price matching this when the game is out because it’s an EB exclusive.”

      But if you’re just down for the standard version, or if you wander in and nab a copy off the shelf, I’ve never had a problem with them matching with a JB or Big W nearby.

      • One of the EBs near me does “automatic” price matching, where the guy just gives you the discount as though it was price-matched with the Target or JB in the same shopping centre.

    • Hey so I just called EB Games Docklands and they said if it’s EB Exclusive they can’t do it and confirmed they wouldn’t price match the version of the game with the reversible cover. Might vary by store? If anyone tries and succeeds please let me know I prefer the reversible cover over the steelbook :/

  • I have seen promo codes on Amazon – if you use the mobile app in particular – for a $10-15 discount.
    They are often targeted but it’s worth proceeding to checkout and seeing if it offers a Promo code (APPONLY10 (first time app purchases) or PROMO15).
    I used the latter today for $53 with Prime shipping.


    I have an open preorder with Amazon AU that still doesn’t have a shipping date listed. I asked Customer Support via web chat for an update and they said:

    Associate: My pleasure. This order will ship by June 19th evening.
    Me: it will leave the Amazon warehouse on the evening of the 19th?
    Associate: Yes I’m afraid, this order will ship out by 19th evening, since I see on 19th we will get the stock from our suppliers and it will ship out on that date .

    My friend confirmed it, but he also mentioned to them that getting things on release day is a big part of why is he an Amazon Prime member so they credited him $10.00.

  • Hey, has anyone got a link to this on Ebay + I sure can’t find this deal. Only a $99 one. And today is the day it’s supposed to work yeah?

    • It sold out long before 3:22. I checked around 12:00 after realising a general search wasn’t good enough, you had to go to the Plus deals page and click through there. There it said Sold Out and on that page they had a different game deal that mentioned they only made 250 copies available, so I think this deal would have been over not long after going alive. Like Click Frenzy the sole purpose was probably just to get people to sign up for Plus by advertising a great price but limiting availability so as not to lose much money on the deal. I had intended to check out Plus further but was so shitty cancelled straight away.

  • I hope they dont put up a picture of a car for Gran Turismo (spoilers).
    Harvey Normal 9am tomorrow.

    • It is in their latest catalogue on their website, $69 on launch Friday & Saturday & then $79 after

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