Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Showcase
Image: Sony

Sony will postpone its PlayStation 5 event, originally scheduled for June 5 so that “more important voices can be heard.”

“While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is the time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard,” the company wrote in a statement on Twitter. The event was intended to showcase games for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

The announcement comes after a weekend of protests against police violence throughout the United States following the killing of George Floyd.

“We stand in solidarity today and every day with the Black community,” Sony tweeted yesterday, using the BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

The company went on to say in that statement that it was looking for ways to do “more than just stating we are allies.” Last of Us II director Neil Druckmann shared a screenshot on Twitter yesterday of PlayStation matching Naughty Dog employee donations to groups like the ACLU, NAACP, and the racial justice non-profit Race Forward. 

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Twitter account sent out a tweet earlier today denouncing “systemic racism and violence against the Black community.” That tweet went on, “We will continue to work towards a future marked by empathy and inclusion and stand with our black creators, players, employees, families, and friends.”

Yesterday, EA announced it was delaying its Madden NFL 21 reveal, planned for this week, for similar reasons.


      • Sometimes doing the right thing for the right reason is a PR win by default because that’s how doing the right thing works.

    • I agree. Didn’t expect this to happen (technically I suppose Sony is a Japanese company not American) but I can see how this is the right thing to do.

    • Why upset, though? The console isn’t even close to coming until the end of the year and even that’s a bit iffy. What could they say that you need to know today instead of 1, 2, or even 5 months from now?

        • Sure, and I’m looking forward to buying the early undoubtedly-will-be-replaced-with-a-better-version-1-yr-later PS5, too.

          I’m curious, not criticizing. I can’t imagine using the word ‘upset’ to describe not knowing some details this week about something happening in… November? The hype would surely still be the same… An insight into what goes into that perspective would be interesting.

          • I get where you’re coming from, but what you’re saying not have come out as genially as you thought, that’s all.

            (other part might also be needing to look forward to something happy and exciting right now, with how shit the world is)

      • Well, like Alex said i was looking forward to this since it was the 1st showing of PS5 games (at least im hoping). and the time was good too, wake up early in Australia watch it then go to work.
        I will most likely not buy it for at least a year after launch but im a gaming fan and i was/am hoping to be WOWed.

  • Good. Lets see if they come up with a way to say PS4 games are 100% compatible, so you can replace your PS4 with PS5 and still have one useful console. (and thier online shop is the one and same connection. IE all online purchases are 100% compatible)

    • Saying that would be disingenuous, there’s no way that every game will run 100% and I think that being cautious and testing everything bit by bit is better choice.

      It would definitely be nice to hear about how the store/past purchases are gonna work though.

  • Scary when a company such as this can issue a far more empathetic and compassionate statement than the American president.

  • I understand why they did this, but I’m sick of all the anger and depressing news all the time. I was looking forward to some good news to get excited for. Now it seems anything good has been cancelled for 2020.

  • Can I add an alternative perspective?

    Sony isn’t being empathetic, but it is using the impression of empathy as a vessel through which to both bolster their brand by justifying the postponement of an online event, which they KNOW will have a diminished audience due to the (entirely warranted and overdue) disruption of audience attention owed to recent horrific events.

    As much as we love brands, very, very few of them have humanitarian interest. They are distinctly, lawfully bound to willfully ignore the needs and plight of people unless those needs can directly influence shareholder’s profits/the valuation of the company. This is what a company board is legally compelled to achieve.

    It upsets me when individuals conflate brands with actual, caring people. It might be a good time for most people to stop what they’re doing, pay attention to the news and/or what’s going on outside, and have conversations, but please don’t think brands like Sony (or anyone else) see these types of public events as much more than either potential to boost sales, or potential to harm sales. Social media and PR managers might be good at their jobs, and they may represent a brand to have them appear more personable, but brands aren’t people.

    “Good on them” is a real stretch, is all i’m saying.


    • Do Sony ‘really’ care about BLM or the current state of America – perhaps not, but you are who you pretend to be. Whether or not Sony’s gesture is heartfelt the gesture is still appropriate.

      While I agree we shoudln’t suddenly praise Sony as some herald of social justice and a paragon to fight racism, I think we should applaud them all the same. Small steps towards a better world, regardless of why they were made or who made them, are still steps in the right direction.

  • I’ll be surprised if either next gen consoles launch this year.

    Consoles have failed at the best of times, between the massive interruptions to supply chains, the restrictions on human movement and the drastic economic downturn with many nations projecting consecutive recessions, a failure could spell the end of one (or both) of these two brands.

    Take Australia for instance. I can’t even guarantee I’ll still have a job by October. Jobkeeper, as the name implies, its keeping me employed. But if the government goes ahead with the roll back in September and the market hasn’t improved, it will have only delayed the inevitable. 600,000 people lost their jobs when the lockdowns were initiated, and there will be a second wave when JobKeeper is pulled.

    In the US, 2.4 million joined the unemployment queue.

    In the UK unemployment claims rose from 856,500 to 2.1 million, and like Australia, they have a furlough scheme subsidising incomes that will have a cut off date.

    These are not great conditions for hitting sales targets.

  • So the rest of the world must suffer, because of a movement in America. What about the Genocide in Rwanda, or the farm murders in South Africa, or the violence against Aboriginal people in Aus. It’s a BS statement

    • Oh, such suffering. I feel so violated by a delay to an announcement about a console. What a terrible imposition on my life. Piss off with your BS statement bullshit, when you clearly don’t give a damn about any of the issues you brought up.

      I mean hey, if Sony made gaols for Australia and then tweeted Black Lives Matter while ignoring the horrifically high rate of death for Aboriginals in gaol – sure, you’d have a point. But they don’t, and your little tantrum in which you accidentally compare real suffering to being mildly miffed about a delayed announcement, as well as invoking an us and them attitude is just pathetic. A “BS statement” if you will.

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