Valorant Is About To Go Live In Australia

Valorant Is About To Go Live In Australia

Good news for Aussies and Kiwis: if you missed out on decent pings for Riot’s new competitive shooter, you won’t have to wait much longer.

Riot Games has confirmed to Kotaku Australia over email that the Oceania servers will be the first servers to go online when Valorant launches today, with the launch to kick off in just under an hour. After everyone down under gets access, we’ll be followed suit by Japan and South Korea, with most of Europe to join in around six hours later.

The rolling release means Australians won’t have to wait until June 3, as is often the case with international launches. Our timezone means that games tend to unlock on Steam a day after the rest of the world, so Australia and New Zealand typically end up well behind.

That said, there won’t be any races to the top of Valorant‘s ranking system just yet. Riot has confirmed that the game will launch without a ranked mode, much like the closed beta. The idea is to focus on a smooth and stable launch first, before adding competitive matchmaking.

Users will still generate MMR for their unrated games, however, and it’ll give everyone an opportunity to learn the new map and Reyna, the new duellist shown off over the weekend.

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For more of a grounding into Riot’s new shooter, and the things you need to get started, see our handy guides below.

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