What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Smartphone Inc.

Sometimes it’s just good to sit down and chill with a board game — and there’s one in particular that I’ve been dying to play.

The game is Smartphone Inc., and it’s pretty much what you think it is. Each player takes control of a smartphone company, with players buying, selling and trading smartphones while developing infrastructure, research and battling competitors.

It’s an economic board game at heart. A friend of mine backed it on Kickstarter, and I’ve been anxiously looking forward to playing it ever since it arrived. Sure, games like this fundamentally exist in other forms (hi, Power Grid). But playing as a Fake Nokia or Microsoft When Windows Phone Was Still A Thing is a hell of a lot more interesting than, say, another stock trading game or an economic trader from the Machiavelli era.

Also, board games that have very little RNG — big fan of that.

So that’ll be good fun. Otherwise, the weekend is going to be a little bit of cooking, cleaning and catching up with all the events — there’s a couple of conferences on Sunday and Monday, most notably Ubisoft super early on the Monday morning.

Also, I’m really tempted to rebuy Cricket 19 on PC. I’ve been playing for ages on the Switch, but the Switch’s lack of brightness and slightly dodgy performance is becoming a problem in, say, The Ashes when margins for error are real small.

Someone please talk me out of buying Cricket 19. Again.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • SINoALICE. I’m digging the very morbid vibe of it, and we’ve got a guild thats more or less Aussie friendly on the Asia server. Or at least I get to stay up until a bit after midnight AEST to get our daily guild battle done. XD

    Started playing Nier: Automata after having had it for a good long time, and its exceeded my expectations already by being not what I was expecting in the slightest!

    Other than that… maybe PSO2 / FFXIV or getting into RE5 gold farming for upgrades

  • I’m continuing my trek through the Assassin’s Creed games with Assassin’s Creed:Liberation, which I started last night. So far I’m enjoying it, and it’s nice to play a woman character for a change.

  • Death Stranding (PS4), such a silly game, I love it.
    Also Erica (the PSN freebie). I think they’ve done a really good job of integrating the interactivity with the video.

  • If I can stop being a total wuss, I’ll try to progress TLOU2 but no spoilers, holy heck there’s some scary parts in that game.

    While I procrastinate that, I’m playing Command & Conquer Remastered. *chefs kiss*

  • I’m about 12 hours into The Last of Us Part II, so far it’s been an incredibly intense thrill ride. Looking forward to finishing it so I can finally get around to watching and reading all the reviews and opinion pieces out there & make sense of why it’s so controversial.

    • It’s controversial because man babies. That is seriously the only reason. I personally found it to be almost flawless (with maybe it dragging a little bit towards the ending). Graphics, game play and the narrative were all awesome to me. The irrational attachment people have towards Joel baffles me… He wasn’t a good person at all.

      Basically its the best “make you feel like s**t” simulator the market has. And I loved that.

  • Finishing off Arkham Knight. Thanks for a great free game that I’d otherwise missed, Epic Game Store!

  • I’m hard into Modern Warfare at the moment so probably all that, all the time this weekend, with some ETS2 to break up the monotony.

    I should get around to checking out the latest MHW update at some point too, especially now that NVidia’s fixed the driver issue that caused it to bug out on my computer.

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