What Are You Playing This Weekend

I'm still in San Francisco at GDC, separated from my consoles and my TV, but I'm still going to try and squeeze some games in. It's been ages since my Nintendo DS has had any Markie love, so I'll probably give that a bash - but what are you guys getting up to?

Ghost Trick is the game I'm probably going to get stuck into. I played through a whole heap of it before, but never quite finished it. Depending on how good or bad the in-flight entertainment is on the flight back to Sydney, I think I might just manage to polish it off in the next couple of days.

But while I'm on the topic - what kind of games do you typically play when travelling nowadays? Do you take your DS or PSP whilst on the move or do you generally just use your smartphone? I'm curious because on short trips I usually don't bother with handhelds, but I've never travelled overseas without my DS…

As always - let us know in the comments below!


    This weekend, I'll be trying to put some time into finishing my DA:O and Awakening replay before DA2 hits. If I wrap those up, it'll probably be SAIYUKI: Journey West eating the rest of my time.

    As for on the go, I tend to swap between my DS or my PSP depending on my mood. At the moment, going through old PS1 games on my PSP.

    I'm playing AC2! Man what an awesome game. Who knew Leonardo DaVinci was such a nice guy? I'll take more interest when watching the history channel now :)

    PS yes I know I'm late late late - laways late. Ahh the life of a bargin bin crawler ...

    I'll be playing some Dissidia: Duodecim mixed in with some Fight Night Champion. Because there's nothing like knocking anthony mundine the f*ck out.

      and yes, I am playing the Japanese version to tie me over until I can pick up my pre order. Because I'm a total sucker for any game with a replay editor.


      You can play against Mundane?

      This should have been in the advertising tagline.
      *goes looking for a copy*

        You can even play *as* mundine, but it's impossible to win as him. I-.... oooooohhhh, burn!

        I actually really like it, will write up a reader review over the weekend. I enjoy it as much as Fight Night round 2, where the most fun for me came from just seeing how F'd up I could make someone's face and how many hits I could land during a knock out moment. I didn't really enjoy Fight Night 4 as it seemed a bit.... neutered.

    I can guarantee there will be a fair bit of Mahvel played this weekend. I might even step online, although I'll probably try to get my head around setting up OTG combos first.

    Also, Demon's Souls. I finally played it again last night after some controller issues stopped me for most of the week. It turns out that if you leave a controller plugged into a PS3 to charge and then turn off the PS3, the controller doesn't turn off and will drain itself. Took me longer than it should have to realise that my controller wasn't broken, just without battery. Still, I started on the Shrine of Storms last night and will probably try to get at least past the first boss there.

      Yay for more Demon's souls!
      Just so you know, I left you a message in TAY demanding more Buttercup....

        I must have missed that. I've written about half of the next post, so I just need to finish it off, clean it up a little and we should have something up some time after work tonight. At the latest, late tomorrow morning.

    Ar Tonelico at home and for portable 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Incidentally 999 is fantastic so import it now people!

      Amazing game, I played it a few weeks ago and I couldn't put it down. Stayed up till three on weekdays knowing that I had school the next day.

    I'll probably get some more Nier time in.
    I'll also be trying to get 10 perfect slides on Island 1 in Tiny Wings, can't seem to get past 7 at the moment. And I just bought Eternal Legacy for my iPod so no doubt I'll be checking that out too.

    I usually take either my DS or PSP on shorter trips depending on what games I have going at the time, for longer trips I'll often take both. Having just bought the ipod touch though, I think it may become my portable game device of choice.

    I rarely have need for my portable devices to be portable though, I love to use them while sitting comfortably at home.

    NBA Jam for me! w00! Also minecraft as usual!

    Mass Effect.

    I've started it three times over now, only ever reaching the Presidium and giving up running round in circles trying to find the Keepers. After strong encouragement from work mates I'm going through as FemShep. The Keepers can suck my balls, though.

      Screw the keepers, that sidequest is balls to the wall boring.

    This weekend playing some Nintendo 3DS, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Ridge Racer 3D and possibly some Pokemon Black.


    Mucking around with Mass Effect while waiting For Dragon Age 2 to drop. My cousin is coming over from Scotland for a couple of days with his wife and we plan to relive the glory years and play some Tekken 2. Might cheat and try and brush up.

    Final Fantasy X has aged like a fine wine. Im hooked on it all over again! Mite try and find a copy of X-2 this weekend too:)

    I should finish the Witcher finally - came late to the party. Time to quit work so I have more gaming time. :P

    Dragon Age II, Crysis, Witcher 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution... looks like my gaming calendar is already mapped out for the next few months.

    Hmmm, I'm going to see if I can fit in some Hyperdimensional Neptunia over the weekend...among some other games I might randomly decide to play.

    Most of the time I take the PSP with me when I go to the city, but sometimes I occasionally switch to the DS. The iPod Touch is another device I take with me everyday, though most of the time it's used during the walk to uni from the train station

    Was going to play dead space 2 on the PC, but still waiting delivery from ozgameshop. Atleast next weekend ill have both Dead space 2 and Dragon age 2 to run through =)

    I'll be kickin it old school, playing KOTOR 1 & 2. Will probably also pick up Fight Night today and give that a go :)

    I finally bought Red Dead, so ill get to see what the fuss is about!
    Also some mvc3.

      Brace for AWESOMNESS when it comes to Red Dead. It will make you a man. With a fistbeard.

      Watch out for cougars.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 - my GOTY so far

    I want to finish Bulletstorm, then play some more of the echo mode. Also will probably play some more Minecraft, and hopefully finish off Vegas 2 story, on realistic difficulty with my co-op partner.

    Slowly working my way through The Saboteur and doing my best not to suck at Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    I've fallen in love with my PSP (1000 FTW!!!) all over again whilst on holidays. Picked up Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep and Logans Shadow today.

    I'm going to run through the DA2 demo twice more to try all three classes, even though I was just a weeeeee bit disappointed by it.
    But hell - I need gaming suggestions. I was even thinking of grabbing Hydrophobia, so I must be hard up!

    No internet at home for a week now so no minecraft.

    I actually started playing Portal night before last so will continue with that i guess.

    Infinity Blade update so will prob check that out, and some more tiny birds.. Top score so far is 156,597. How u guys going?

    Read Dead Remption - Undead Nightmare. Lots of fun. Makes me want to go through the original again.

    Also been re-playing the original Donkey Kong Country games. Cannot be believe how fantastic they still are.

    And if I get bored I'll go back to my second runthrough of AC:Brotherhood, or... I don't know. Exercise? Do something constructive?

    Killzone 3 ofcourse! If anyone wants to play here's hit me up on 'Mikozae' say you saw me on Kotaku so I know it isnt anyone random. Oh yeah you know what'd be nice? - A KILLZONE 3 COMMUNITY PLAY DATE!!!

    I'm going to finish Frontlines: Fuel of War.
    It's bloody well made, and it's really getting me hyped for Homefront.

    I hope to finish Saints Row 2 whilst I'm at it, I'm stuck on the last mission (the difficulty spike is an absolute cast iron bastard).

    If I get time I'll push further into Darksiders.
    Plus there's new DLC for Fable 3

    I'll round it out with the usual Meat Boy and Ilo Milo.

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