What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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Sometimes, there’s no better weekend adventure than a journey into the unknown. Or, at least, the extreme weird.

As you all know, Death Stranding is a massive game. Most reviewers took upwards of 80 hours, if not more, when working through the game originally on the PS4. And yet, remarkably, it’s a hell of a lot faster to play on the PC. As an example, the first segment of the gameplay where you travel to Port Knot City? That took me about 20 hours in my original playthrough. I don’t know if that was a cumulative effect of extreme caution, just absorbing Kojima being Kojima in the right spirit, or longer loading times.

The second time around on PC, it took me around 8 hours to haul my ass to Port Knot City, and finish the boss fight.

Death Stranding Makes More Sense Now Than Ever

When Death Stranding launched last year, I thought, boy, this is a timely game. That, it was all an allegory for working at Amazon in some dystopian future. Maybe, but now, the game seems more relevant now than ever.

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I wasn’t especially picky about doing spare deliveries — sorry, Wind Farm — because the game is way too much of a grind without the exoskeleton and the ability to fabricate motorbikes, so I rushed through. It’s also just a really strange time to be playing this game again, given everything that’s happening in the world.

So I’ll continue a little more with that. I’m also keen to get a bit of board gaming on — it’s been a while since I’ve given Fallout: The Board Game or Tapestry a go. And I still need to christen my copy of Star Wars: Outer Rim, the Fantasy Flight game about being a scoundrel and a smuggler.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Super Hot Mind Control Delete
    maybe a game of Hell Let Loose (it is free this weekend)
    The Last of Us Part 2 (Should really play it)
    Rage 2 (Brought it for $15, fairly acceptable)

  • Yakuza 2, i played 0 and enjoyed it then picked up 1 however 1 wasnt that great so i have jumped over to 2 and am enjoying it.

    Have also started getting back into Battlefield V and am enjoying it (more than the 1st time i played)

    May also re-install no mans sky as the new update looks interesting.

  • I’ve been playing Fortnite’s Save The World mode. I paid for it as a founder, and now that they’ve finally signed off on it as as finished as it’s going to get, I’m going to jump in and play what I was enjoying when it first came out.

    I burned out after a while when they were repeatedly changing mechanics and progression was a dog’s breakfast. They’ve fixed a lot of that up, since, so it’s a more enjoyable experience now.

    The bonus vbucks were a nice touch, too. Annoying that all the skins require hopping over into the BR mode to even bloody look at, though.

  • Currently bouncing around between Yakuza 6, Elite Dangerous and Slay the Spire (picked it up on sale at EB last weekend for $10), so that’ll be it for me.

  • A bit of relic farming in Waframe, progress a further in The Last of Us 2 and prob spend all my time on Ghosts of Tsushima

  • Nier: Automata and Final Fantasy XIV, with a bit of a dip into PSO2, and the continued midnight runs of the SINoALICE colosseum.

      • I’m playing on PC, and you just need to change your region to US in the computer settings and you can get it from the Windows Store. So everyone can pretty much play it. Of course, if you want to spend any real money you then need to get US Xbox Live cards and add them to your US Wallet.

    • I loved it. Possibly game of the generation for me, although I need to replay it to see how it holds up second time through. I found it a bit too long the first time, but probably won’t go rummaging through every corner of every room when I play it again.

  • After a very grim couple of weeks with TLOU2 (still very good game) I’m playing trials of Mana. So good to see my TV reproduce colours again that aren’t muddy purgatory

  • Picked Up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheap on EGS the other day so will likely dive hard into that.

    Otherwise it’ll be Elite Dangerous ans maybe Paper Mario: The Origami King (although I’m saving that for my streams).

  • 20 hrs into my second playthrough of The Last of Us Part II on Survivor + difficulty. I’m 3 trophies away from platinum so I’m working towards that.

  • I really want to start Jedi Fallen Order but I’m not sure I’ll get time, I’m 3D printing up a storm after getting a replacement screen I had to save two months for while the printer collected dust lol.

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