Ready Player One Sequel Gets Imaginative Name & Release Date

Ready Player One Sequel Gets Imaginative Name & Release Date
The book cover for Ready Player Two already kicks off the search for pop-culture reference Easter Eggs

Prepare yourselves, book lovers, Ernest Cline’s new book ‘Ready Player Two’ is set to hit shelves just in time for Christmas.

The original 2011 novel followed 18-year-old Wade in his quest so save the VR OASIS from corporate interests by making long and involved pop-culture references. The novel was well received by the geek community when it was released (though it did attract some backlash after Gamergate), and maintained enough of a following that it was turned into a movie by Steven Spielberg in 2018.

The film version ended up being Spielberg’s best opening weekend in a decade, raking in a little more than $AUD57 million ($US41,764,050), and going on to make $AUD800m ($US582,890,172 AUD) off its $AUD233m AUD ($US175m) budget.

This sequel has been in the works for a while – Cline announced that he was bouncing ideas for the book off Spielberg at a trailer reveal for the film in 2017.

Ready Player One Sequel Gets Imaginative Name & Release Date
Image: Warner Bros

Although details are light on the ground for the plot of the sequel, Cline has said that most of the original characters will be coming back, and it will once more explore pop culture references in all their glory. Here’s hoping there will be a little more plot between those references.

There hasn’t been any announcement of a second movie yet, but one can only assume it’s only a matter of time, given the stars for the original film had sequels written into their contracts.

The book is available for pre order now from all good book sellers, and will be released on the November 24, 2020.

What do you folks think? Are you keen to get the book and inevitably watch the movie? Or do you have other sources for self-insert pop culture-related fantasies?


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