How To Preorder The Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S In Australia [Updated]

How To Preorder The Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S In Australia [Updated]

Preorders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are set to go live on September 22 in Australia. If you’re looking to grab one, you’ll need to get in quick. To get your best shot at preordering the Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S consoles, you should get online at 8 a.m. AEST on Tuesday, September 22.

Update 25/09: Telstra has told Kotaku Australia that they still have stock of the first wave of the Xbox Series S, and second wave stock of the Xbox Series X. That means if you wanted a Xbox Series X before Christmas still, Telstra’s Xbox All Access program will get you a console by December. Won’t arrive on launch day for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or in time for Cyberpunk 2077, but you’ll get it definitely after the XSX launch lineup gets its first round of patches — and it’ll still arrive before Christmas. More details on Xbox All Access here, or further in the original story.

A variety of retailers will be stocking the consoles, including EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon and other online stores. Some already have Xbox Series X/S landing hubs and others you’ll need to stay tuned for. Note, most retailers are offering online only Xbox Series X and S preorders, so don’t worry about heading in-store to secure your order. You’ll also need to be prepared with a deposit of between $50 and $200 depending on the retailer.

For a quick summary, here’s everything you should consider when weighing up the purchase of an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S:

xbox series s
Image: Xbox
  • The Xbox Series X costs $749, targets ultra-high performance [email protected] and includes a disc drive
  • The Xbox Series S costs $499, targets high performance [email protected] and does not include a disc drive

Your choice of console will likely depend on budgetary needs and personal preferences. There’s two ways you can get the console in Australia: either directly through a retailer, or via the Xbox All Access program. Here’s the full details on both options.

Xbox Series X/S: Australia preorders

You’ll be able to preorder the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at the following retailers in Australia (where available, we’ve included links to their existing Xbox Series X/S hubs these will be updated as sale links go live):

Be aware the cheapest place to purchase the Xbox Series X and S may turn out to be Amazon on Tuesday. When PlayStation 5 preorders launched, it was offering $30 off for Amazon Prime members with free shipping so stay tuned for news of a similar offer.

Xbox Series X/S via Xbox All Access

xbox series x
Image: Xbox

Another option for preordering the console is via the Telstra-based Xbox All Access program. Xbox All Access is a subscription-based service where users pay a monthly fee for access to an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over a 24-month payment period. (At the conclusion of the 24 months, subscribers own their consoles outright.)

As part of Xbox All Access, you’ll be able to grab the Xbox Series X (with Game Pass Ultimate) for $46 per month ($1,104 over a 24-month period) or an Xbox Series S (with Game Pass Ultimate) for $33 per month ($792 over a 24-month period).

You can find out more about Xbox All Access in Australia at the program’s hub.

This article will be updated with new retail links and as stores sell out on September 22.

It’s nearly time to crack those knuckles and get ready.

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  • Amazon or Microsoft Store is my conundrum..

    Amazon have done fairly well so far in COVID for the most part getting stuff into the quarantine zone (Metro Melb) but I’m guessing Microsoft Store will know their product well and when to send it.. hmmm

    • It’s a great deal but it really sucks that you have to be a Telstra mobile or broadband account holder.
      ‘To get Xbox All Access, you need to have an existing or take up a new month-to-month plan. This includes month-to-month plans like mobile and fixed broadband plans. Customers who only have pre-paid or are small business customers are not eligible to take up Xbox All Access.’

      • Ah crap I was wondering why it seemed like such a good deal from Telstra, makes sense that there’s a catch!

        I’m with Optus for phone and NBN so guess I won’t be getting this from Telstra!

        • You only need to be a customer with Telstra in order to pre-order it. When it releases you’ll be able to get that plan without needing to be a customer with them, just you’ll need to know how long it’ll be till its in stock haha

    • Good deal now

      But in 2 years with a price drop may be a better deal

      Got my ps5 on preorder for a Jan shipment

      Got a back catalouge on ps4 and xbone to get through until then anyway

      • Exactly the same. I am not very happy with this situation…..

        The site ended up erasing the shopping cart listing and booted me out of the entire EB website.

        The preorder countdown page still for the next batch still has the console listed as being a Launch Shipment. I’m hopefully this will be the case.

        • Yea I made the mistake of not updating my card details beforehand I was stuck on and endless loop of trying to add my card. I’ve now done that so fingers crossed for 12, unfortunately I have a work meeting at the same time.

          • Likewise and it looks like I did the same. Skimmed over that bloated EB Games ‘Get on the FAST PATH TO PREORDERING YOUR NEXT GEN CONSOLE!’. Should’ve actually read it…damnit.

        • Same – VERY unimpressed. Was in my cart but kept getting errors when trying to finalise. Now it’s not it my cart anymore.

          Thanks for wasting my time EB!

    • Yep same situation. Added to cart… crashed and logged me out… got back in… all sold out. All gone in under a minute.

    • +1

      Ended up going through JB after 10 mins of frustration on the EB site. EB was compelling because of their Xbox One X trade in offer which made me want to go via EB.

  • I got stuck in the EB games deathloop too & missed out, despite ‘playing the game’ as best I could – the ‘internet lottery’ said no… Same thing happened with the MS Store so doubly unlucky!

    I did manage to get an order through on JB but not convinced that means anything as they seem to be doing it on a queue basis as opposed to ‘reserved stock’ so they’ve taken $50 but not sure what that actually means?!

    Perfect storm of covid & more people playing games nowadays, but for all the talk about them being too expensive etc, I’ve never had issues with pre-ordering like this? Even the PS2 with all the signups/letters wasn’t this hard.

    • I think a lot of it is scalpers using bots to purchase for resale. It hasn”t been much of an issue for electronics beforehand and was mainly for fashion items such as shoes and bags and so on.

      I think now, due to COVID, and with a lot more people getting onto the reselling bandwagon they are targeting anything that can net them a profit.

    • Jbhifi had similar issues but I finally manage to get a pre order in with them as well. I know they do put you into a que but hey, at least they aren’t taking anymore pre orders….maybe we are in the launch day shipment?

    • Just spoke to them on the phone. 21 thousand people logged on at the same time to pre order and it was simply luck of the draw if you got through. The guy on the phone was pissed off as well because he missed out due to it being online orders only.

      He also couldn’t confirm if this next batch available at midday today was for launch day or not

  • As expected, this was much much woorse than the PS5 launch.

    The bots made it impossible to get an X, whereas I was able to pick up a PS5 hours after it went up.

    • Out of interest, what is the barometer for how much worse than the PS5 launch? I saw all the same complaints on pre order day for the PS5.

      EB Games was the only site that seemed to be a problem for people. Perhaps there wasn’t as much demand for the PS5 /s

        • Yup.
          The PS5 was available from Amazon and Sony till way past the middle of the day (WST). The Xbox was sold out by 7am WST.

          Now that order bots are a thing, announcing pre-order times is probably worse than just dropping them randomly =\

      • Hard to gauge since MS has avoided releasing production numbers but the demand for the PS5 at least appears to have been extremely high given many sites that still had stock didn’t just experience issues like EB but also had their DDOS protections activate in response to the insane amount of traffic.

      • Oh and I forgot to include that on top of not knowing specific production numbers we also don’t know the extent of the preferred country/region priority that’s in play for the Xbox.
        (Or if the same can be said for the PS5)

        The only real numbers we have at the moment is analyst predictions which put the launches at a 2-1 for PS5 but anything can change in the short and long terms.

  • EB have totally failed. Not even a captcha to go to payment. I was on there and at payment within 15 seconds and got stuck in the loop. They have taken my $200 deposit but I have no confirmation. Went into store, told to call customer service line. Its engaged. Do I attempt again at midday? Have they just taken my $200 with zero accountability to track it?
    What a remarkably forseeable debacle.

    • At least it was there at all.. From what I can see Amazon went from ‘unavailable’ to the page not existing anymore.

      I’m a Prime member and had signed up to be notified when it was there and… nothing.. link is broken now..

      • From what I’ve seen, people who could actually get through to their customer service that have had money taken are being refunded. No preorder secured.

        • how did EB screw this up so badly?! as I said before, I spoke with them this morning and the EB staff member i spoke to missed out as well because you can only pre order online. Screwing your own staff haah

    • Same thing happened to me. I eventually got through on their customer service line and they told me that I didn’t get the preorder, and that their finance people will sort out the refund and email me about it in a few hours.

      Anyway I just pre ordered from microsoft’s onilne store and that went through without a hitch.

      So I’d suggest that you keep trying to contact eb games customer support through email and calling to get your money back, and order your console from somewhere else like microsoft’s online store.

  • Went on MS store at 8. Faffed around a bit, added an Elite 2 controller because the site said %20 off controllers when bought with console, but it didn’t appear discounted, so went back and removed the controller and checked out just the XSX. Order confirmed at 8.07 am.

    My buddy was having troubles at the MS store, but got one from JB. He still hasn’t received confirmation yet.

    Glad they let me know when they were on sale though. I’d have been sleeping otherwise.

  • Pre ordered the X this morning at 8am sharp with telstra. Unfortunately I still got bumped to wave 2 shipment which is expected for December 9th. A bit disappointing but atlest I got one.

    • Is that through all-access?

      Took me literally an hour to order through chat. Now no-one will confirm when it’s coming.

      If it’s not launch then I’ll probably cancel and wait for a deal next year.

    • Lucky you, I lucked out both times same issue just cannot check out, I even signed up to ZIP to try that and same issue. I will never use EB for anything again after this.

      • That’s a bummer. So many people having a nightmare time, I definitely feel like I got lucky. Now I will just hope they arrive pre-Christmas, otherwise Santa will be leaving an IOU for the kids.

  • The credit card payment option did not seem to work on the EB Games site.
    A few friends were able to secure one using Zip pay instead.
    There are at least 40 on Ebay for sale already.

  • I can see that $220 has been taken out of by bank account by EBGames, I am hoping to get a confirmation email in the next few hours but otherwise will call EBGames, every round of presales today i was able to get as far as the checkout but every single time I went to pay all I would get is :”error””error””error”. I hope that in taking my money its a good sign but will wait and see…. fingers crossed

    • Definitely call them back and email them. Same thing happened to me today and they got back to me with a confirmation email with a order number saying I will get a launch day console.

  • Boy, all this kerfuffle makes me long for the PS2 and DC launches, where I just wandered in and said I’d like to place a preorder.

    Congrats to those that got their preorders and commiserations for those that missed out.

    • Does DC stand for Dreamcast? If so I can only imagine you weren’t in Australia when it launched…

      I guess the preorder process was fine.

  • So seems I was lucky enough to jump on the Microsoft website and get one after 2 mins of panicking on the EB website. Email confirmation at 8:05.

    Called Microsoft today and they confirmed my XBOX will ship on the 9th but couldn’t guarantee I would get it on the 10th. They said maximum 3 days from the 9th.

    I do miss the days when this hobby of mine was considered for nerds and I could waltz into EB on launch day with no pre-order and still pick up one.

    • I was monitoring amazon all day, Page disappeared around 9am.

      I had already registered to be notified of updates as a prime member and it must’ve gone live without informing me. Now sold out again.

      I guess the powers that be are saying, wait a few months, grab one next year. Ok powers, you win. I’ll just wait.

  • I tried ordering at 8 and got it in my cart within 2 seconds then kept getting errors trying to do the payment.

    Managed to get one in my cart at 3 and it just stayed on processing for 30 minutes then errors out, but they took my deposit out during that attempt. No confirmation email or order showing on the website. Sent an email asking, but haven’t heard back yet

  • Interesting the Harvey Norman didn’t get a mention; they went live right on 8:00am, but unlike everywhere else, didn’t cough up blood at the thought of letting me check out.

    My EB Games checkout status is still spinning 12 hours later…fast path my ass.

  • Yeah what a freaking nightmare, just like the 3080. Managed to get one after 37 mins of trying. then was sold out 2 mins later. Hopefully microsoft find more stock to give out and i get bumped up the pecking order to launch day.. not holding my breath though.
    I would have just ordered from elsewhere but i wanted the $350 trade in for my One X. don’t think i’d get anywhere near that selling it on gumtree..

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