The PS5 Box Tells You How To Transfer Your PS4 Saves And Data

The PS5 Box Tells You How To Transfer Your PS4 Saves And Data
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Sony seems to know that PS4 fans will want to transfer their progress and data — but not everyone will get the message as to how. So Sony’s helping out by printing the instructions on the box.

Reviewers and influencers in the United States have started getting their retail units of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition late last week and over the weekend, naturally making Australians (and the internet) hugely jealous. And one thing that everyone noticed was that the boxes had details of how to transfer your save data from the PS4.

“You can transfer data to your PS5 console in the following ways: Connect your PS4 console and your PS5 console to the same network; connect your extended storage drive from your PS4 console to your PS5 console; Sign in to your PS5 console with the account you created on a PS4 console,” the box says.

It’s missing a couple of steps like how you get data off the PS4 and onto a storage drive in the first place, although we’ve got you covered there. There’ll undoubtedly be some kind of transfer process during the setup stage, although without having had a retail unit in our own hands, we can’t really speculate on how that works just yet. But hopefully more info on that isn’t far away.

And in case you weren’t sure — no, seriously, the PS5 box is huge.

November seriously can’t come fast enough. Or the end of 2020, for that matter, but let’s just take things one month at a time.


  • This is where moving from the PS4 to the Pro comes in handy, had to do a full transfer there though this time it’s gonna be more about what does and doesn’t work after the move I suppose.

  • Since all my saves are online and I have an internet connection that kind of works, I’m not worried about transferring my data. I did it when going from the PS4 to the Pro, but since I’m trading in for the PS5, I won’t bother.

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