We’re Scaring Ourselves Shitless With The GTFO Developers, Again

We’re Scaring Ourselves Shitless With The GTFO Developers, Again

GTFO is hands down one of the scarier games I’ve played in years. So with the game getting a massive update recently that includes online matchmaking, it made sense to frighten the shit out of myself all over again. But this time, I’ve brought a friend.

Last time I played GTFO it was just with the developers, but this time around I’ll be doing so in tandem with Leah. We’re both still new to the game, so if you’ve seen GTFO online and wondered what the experience is like, tonight you’ll be able to see.

Leah and I will be streaming our gameplay with the GTFO developers — which’ll take the form of a live interview as well — from 6:00pm AEDT / 8:00pm NZST / 5:30pm ACDT / 3:00pm AWST tonight. As always, we’d love your company — and if you have any questions you’d like to ask about GTFO or of the development team, you can jump right in and do that too.

It’ll all be streamed below through our Twitch channel.

There’s a ton of little things about GTFO that were already really cool, like the ability for your visor to be permanently stained by blood. The lighting. The hardcore teamwork and the tension you get from methodically crouching your way through one hall and into the next. It was already doing well, but adding matchmaking is always a huge plus for any early access game, so now’s probably the best time to check it out.

It’s selling for $39.99 on Steam right now, which coincides nicely with the extra story content and environments. If you want to know more details on that, the below trailer has it all. You can also check out my first experience with GTFO underneath

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