Capcom’s Latest Retro Console Is So Adorable

Capcom’s Latest Retro Console Is So Adorable
Photo: Capcom / Amazon Japan

Recently listed on Amazon Japan (via Siliconera) with a release date of December 1, Capcom’s Retro Station is a cute-as-a-button machine with five Street Fighter and five Mega Man games built-in.

According to the Amazon Japan listing, the Retro Station is a showcase for two of Capcom’s more venerable series. There’s Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Then there’s Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters, Mega Man X, Mega Man Soccer, and the Japanese console version of Mega Man & Bass. What a strange selection of games to be bundled together inside a retro machine with an 8-inch display and arcade controls.

Photo: Capcom / Amazon Japan Photo: Capcom / Amazon Japan

The Retro Station sort of looks like Mega Man’s head, especially from the side. I’d continue comparing it to Mega Man, but that raises disturbing thoughts about the joystick.

Hello, HDMI out.  (Photo: Capcom / Amazon Japan) Hello, HDMI out. (Photo: Capcom / Amazon Japan)

Though the product page currently lacks a price, Siliconera says it previously was listed at 21,780 yen, or around $288. I shall probably pass on it, as I am out of shelf space and can’t see myself spending money on more ways to not play old Street Fighter games. Still, it’s so cute.

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